nautilus NAUTILUS NV Giga Arbor Fly Reels
nautilus NAUTILUS NV Giga Arbor Fly Reels

NAUTILUS NV Giga Arbor Fly Reels

Item #: NA101

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NAUTILUS NV GIGA-ARBOR FLY REELS - Among the lightest and toughest in their class. NV (en-vee) Reels feature a larger version of the CCF-X2 drag system and largely ceramic and titanium components. No detail has been omitted, from the low-profile drag knob and counterweight to the 100 and 200-yd backing markers inside the spools and built in HOOKER fly/hook holder on the reel-foot. NV GIGA-ARBOR REELS/SPOOLS offer fly fishers a larger arbor reel without sacrificing weight. The NV MONSTER sports a beefed-up frame, Giga-Arbor 15" per turn line pickup, Laser fly line I.D., extra wide line guard, and is the lightest true big game 12+ weight reel on the market. NV Giga-Arbor SPEY REELS are designed to balanced perfectly with today's 12-15' spey rods, and sized by the recommended range of grain weights of the line heads for each, that will comfortably fit with at least 150-yds of 30# backing. Specify: Anodized Black or Brushed Silver PLUS Right or Left-Hand retrieve. Lifetime Warranty. Made in USA.



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