oasis OASIS Lazy Susan
oasis OASIS Lazy Susan

OASIS Lazy Susan

Item #: SA016

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F-C FLY TYER'S LAZY-SUSAN by Oasis. The finest ever STAND ALONE ORGANIZER for the fly tying bench. This unit will organize your threads, bobbins, scissors, whip-finishers, head cements, waxes and much more. The upper deck features 24 assorted-diameter tapered holes to hold a variety of tools. The mid-level has 12 brass rods to hold up to 24 spooled threads or wires. The base sports 13 circular, assorted-diamter cutouts to hold hair-stackers, head cements, dubbing wax and more. Built-in hackle pliers hanger. Magnetic fly strip and ripple foam patch to temporarily store finished flies. Whole unit spins 360-degrees on ball bearings for easy access to everything. Solid oak construction. 8" x 8" x 9" tall. Ground shipping only.

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