oasis Oasis Thread Rack
oasis Oasis Thread Rack

Oasis Thread Rack

Item #: SA020

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THREAD-RACK by Oasis - This thread rack is so popular. Stores 120 spools of thread, tinsel, lead-wire or other tying material on thread type spools. You can ORGANIZE 8/0 thread spools together, 6/0 together PLUS the lead-wires, tinsels and more. Solid oak, 11 1/2" x 7-1/4", with brass-rods included. Stair step designed. Sits at about a 30 degree angle for easy use. Sized perfectly to be overlaid with a common bandanna as a dust cover. Solid oak construction. THIS IS NICE!

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5 oasis Oasis Thread Rack

Reviewer: from Boise, ID

Bought this rock to manage my thread. I used to keep it in a box and its rolling around and have to dig through it was getting old. The wood was very solid. Goes together easy but takes a minute to install of the rods. The metal its nice because it wont break. It may be a bit steep pricewise but the quality and weight are worth it due to look and ruggedness.

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Could be better

4 oasis Oasis Thread Rack

Reviewer: from MO

It is difficult to see the color of the spool behind the one in front of it. Staggering the spindles would make it easier to see all of the colors. The spindles are a little close, causing some spools to catch on others when retrieving them. Still, a well-made product and will work.

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