patagonia PATAGONIA R1 Coldwater Fishing Gloves
patagonia PATAGONIA R1 Coldwater Fishing Gloves

PATAGONIA R1 Coldwater Fishing Gloves

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PATAGONIA R1 GLOVES keep you on the water when others can't. These cold-weather fishing gloves are made of smooth-skin neoprene laminated with a polypropylene lining for toasty comfort. Your hands stay warm and nimble even in freezing rain, icy wind and cold water. The thin, flexible 1.5mm smooth-skin neoprene outer stops wind and shrugs off moisture, while the combination nylon/polypropylene/spandex insulation locks in warmth. A 3-panel, stitched and glued construction with anatomically placed seams provides remarkable formfitting comfort, water-resistance and dexterity. (5.7 oz). SIZES: M(8-8.5), L(9-9.5), XL-10-10.5).

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