Peak PEAK Fly Tyer's LED Lamp
Peak PEAK Fly Tyer's LED Lamp

PEAK Fly Tyer's LED Lamp

Item #: PK001

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PEAK FLY TYER'S LED LAMP My favorite fly tying find of the year (Bob). Lightweight, portable, and fully capable of being your full-time primary light source. The LED light element (300 lumens) is a full spectrum white color source replicating natural daylight providing a sharper image with less eye fatigue over long periods of tying. PLUS lets you see materials in their TRUE COLORS, as they appear in natural daylight. THIS LIGHT RUNS COOL, the housing remains cool to the touch even after an all day tying session. The mounting bracket will attach to any standard 3/8" vise stem, and also includes an integrated tool holder. A 20" flexible goose-neck allows optimal positioning of the light. Lightweight construction for ease of transporting. 120-degree lighting angle illuminates your entire tying area.


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