Petzl PETZL Tactikka + RGB Headlamp
Petzl PETZL Tactikka + RGB Headlamp

PETZL Tactikka + RGB Headlamp

Item #: HP071

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PETZL TACTIKKA RGB HEADLAMP - High-output LED light source features several lighting modes and colors to adapt to any situation, plus a âboostâ mode to send a stream of light up to 50 meters! Comes with red, green, blue and white lens filters (colored lenses preserve night vision and don't spook fish). Lightweight body is water resistant. A tilt option allows the light beam to be directed where needed. Strobe mode for signaling one's presence. Automatically switches to reserve mode when batteries are almost drained (signaled by blinking light). Push-button is easy to use, even with gloves on. Hands-free lighting for up to 120-hrs on 3-AAA batteries (incl). COLORS: (1)Black, (2)Camo


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