Poly Bear
Poly Bear

Poly Bear

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POLY-BEAR - A blend of polypropylene fibers & Angel-Hair for just the right amount of glitter. Polypropylene fibers are about as coarse as polar bear hair. Won't absorb water. Great for large-profile patterns, yet easy to cast. Saltwater baitfish imitations, Clouser Minnows, sand eels & even super-large billfish flies. Also spinner wings, posts & trout streamers. 6-8" hanks. COLORS: (1)Black, (2)Blue, (3)Chartreuse, (4)Chocolate, (5)Grey, (6)Kelly-Green, (7)Orange, (8)Red, (9)Sky-Blue, (10)Tan, (11)White, (12)Yellow, (13)Rusty-Brown, (14)Peacock, (15)Smokey-Olive, (16)Baitfish, (17)Ivory $2.95/PAK OR Any 6-PAKS $16.00 Regular price was $2.95, On sale while supplies last for $1.50


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