puglisi PUGLISI Baitfish Imitations
puglisi PUGLISI Baitfish Imitations

PUGLISI Baitfish Imitations

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$9.95 $ 9.95
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Grey Peanut-Butter $9.95
Blue Back Herring $9.95
Black/Purple $9.95
Chartreuse/White $9.95
Black/Red $9.95
Olive/Polar $9.95


PUGLISI "BAITFISH IMITATIONS" - Unique patterns that imitate important saltwater forage fish. The (1)GREY PEANUT-BUTTER imitates a baby bunker/menhaden, Alewives for Gulf Coast, and Sardines in the Pacific; (2)CHARTREUSE attracts anything that swims (great snook fly too); (3)BLUEBACK HERRING for striper/bluefish; (4)Black/Purple for snook and baby tarpon, day and night - Size: 2/0


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