Quill Body
Quill Body

Quill Body

Item #: TP002

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$4.60 $ 4.60
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White $4.60
Melon Quill $4.60
Frying Pan PMD $4.60
Sulpher Orange $4.60
Black $4.60
Blue Quill $4.60
Baetis Olive $4.60
Blue Wing Olive $4.60
Red Quill $4.60
Ginger Quill $4.60
Light Cahill $4.60
Pale Morning Dun $4.60


QUILL-BODY - Beautiful Dyed-Quill "Stems" ready for tying A.K. Best quill-style dry fly bodies. Soak the quills for up to 1/2-hour before using (prevents quills from breaking). COLORS: (1)White, (2)Black, (3)Blue-Quill, (4)Baetis-Olive, (5)Blue-Wing-Olive, (6)Red-Quill, (7)Ginger-Quill, (8)Lt-Cahill, (9)Pale-Morning-Dun, (10)Melon-Quill, (11)Frying-Pan-P.M.D., (12)Sulphur-Orange (NOTE: See the Zap-A-Gap "thin-formula" (our item TZ024) for coating quill-bodies. Makes finished quill-bodies tuff. (25-PAK)


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