Razor Foam
Razor Foam

Razor Foam

Item #: TB020

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$2.50 $ 2.50
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White $2.50
Black $2.50
Pink $2.50
Chartreuse $2.50
Translucent White $2.50
Translucent Yellow $2.50
Translucent Dun $2.50
Translucent Black $2.50
Translucent Tan $2.50
Yellow $2.50
Orange $2.50
Gray $2.50
Tan $2.50
Brown $2.50
Red $2.50
Blue $2.50
Olive $2.50


RAZOR FOAM - Super-thin "Sheet-Foam" for cut-wings and wrapped FLOATING FLY BODIES. Stacked colors can be glued with SUPER-77 for killer sandwich flies. Two sheets each of .5mm & 1mm per pak (4 sheets total, each measuring about 1.5" x 4.5"). OPAQUE COLORS: (1)White, (2)Yellow, (3)Orange, (4)Gray, (5)Tan, (6)Brown, (7)Red, (8)Blue, (9)Olive, (10)Black, (11)Pink, (12)Chartreuse, TRANSLUCENT COLORS: (13)White, (14)Yellow, (15)Dun, (16)Black, (17)Tan


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