REC REC RGMS Series Reelseats
REC REC RGMS Series Reelseats

REC RGMS Series Reelseats

Item #: RB203

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$89.95 - $99.95 89.95 99.95
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Cocobolo $89.95
Black Ash $89.95
Maple Burl $89.95
Buckeye Burl $99.95


REC "RGMS SERIES" UPLOCKING REELSEATS - An extremely lightweight aluminum reelseat with a round barrel, milled hood and slide band, and twin knurled nuts. Recommended for 5-8 weight rods. Diameter: 0.690" - Length: 3.325". Bores are .420. NATURAL WOOD INSERTS: (1)Cocobolo, (2)Curly-Koa, (3)Bacote, STABILIZED WOOD INSERTS: (4)Black-Ash, (5)Maple-Burl, (6)Box-Elder, (7)Buckeye-Burl


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