renzetti RENZETTI Master's Vise
renzetti RENZETTI Master's Vise

RENZETTI Master's Vise

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M6002 Master's SW C-Clamp Vise $734.99
M6004 Master's SW Ped-Base Vise $734.99
M6008 Master's SW Deluxe Ped-Base Vise $819.99
M6010 Master's Special Edition SW Ped-Base Vise $919.99


RENZETTI MASTER'S VISE - The most advanced and versatile fly tying vise available. This "master" of true-rotary vises will handle hook sizes-10/0 shark thru size-28 midge in the same heat-tempered jaw. Jaw lock "cam-lever" requires less than one quarter the force needed for other cam-lever operated vises to hold the hook. Machined, ball-bearing head assures precision alignment and smooth motion. Adjustable, hideaway material clip, Solid brass bobbin cradle support, patented adjustable jaw hinge to accommodate the full spectrum of hooks, stainless-steel stem... NOTHING ELSE LIKE IT (it's the vise you see Lefty & Bob Clouser tying on in their videos). Lifetime Warranty.

M6002 MASTER'S VISE with Saltwater C-Clamp

M6004 MASTER'S VISE with Saltwater Ped-Base

M6008 MASTER'S VISE with Saltwater Deluxe Brushed Aluminum Ped-Base

M6010 SPECIAL EDITION MASTER'S VISE with Saltwater Anodized Black Finish and Ped-Base /p>


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Worth Every Penny

5 renzetti RENZETTI Master's Vise

Reviewer: from Houston, TX

I have now used this Master Vice for almost 10 years. There have been thousands of hook held in it's jaws in that time. It hold the smallest that I tie (18) to the largest (6/0) with ease. The manufacturer is quick to respond to any question or service issues (they were my own fault in both cases). Feathercraft made the purchase easy, so I keep buying from them, and recommending Feathercraft to my tying friends.

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