renzetti RENZETTI R-Evolution Hair Packers
renzetti RENZETTI R-Evolution Hair Packers

RENZETTI R-Evolution Hair Packers

Item #: RS514

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$19.99 - $22.99 19.99 22.99
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SMALL $19.99
MEDIUM $22.99
LARGE $22.99


RENZETTI R-EVOLUTION HAIR PACKERS The unique concave shaped head on these new packer tools is designed to push the hair back away from the hook eye, making it easy to pack the hair tightly and then tye in the next bundle. Aluminum construction. Made in USA. SPECIFY SIZE: SMALL (for trout and panfish flies, i.e. Muddlers, Hoppers, etc), MEDIUM (for bass bugs), LARGE (for very large pike, muskie and saltwater flies).

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