Ribbed Tungsten Bodies
Ribbed Tungsten Bodies

Ribbed Tungsten Bodies

Item #: TL043

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RIBBED TUNGSTEN BODIES Originally designed to fit over a straight hook shank to create weighted scud/shrimp bodies, and they work great for that. Very easy to tye-in with their ribbed design, then tye the scud/shrimp pattern right over the top. NOW WILDLY POPULAR AS MINNOW BELLIES. Simply tye these in on the top of the hook-shank (hook will fish riding up for no snag) and tye your favorite minnow/streamer patterns right over the top of them. Tungsten bodies add weight and profile like nothing else! Sizes to suit trout/panfish to saltwater streamers. SIZE GUIDE FOR USE AS SCUD/SHRIMP BODIES: XS(sizes 18-20), S(sizes 16-18), M(sizes 14-16), L(sizes 12-14). SIZE GUIDE FOR USE AS MINNOW BELLIES: XS(sizes 8-12), S(sizes 6-8), M(sizes 2-6), L(sizes 1/0-2). SIZES: X-Small, Small, Medium, Large. 10-per pak


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