rio RIO 10-Foot Spey Versi-Leader
rio RIO 10-Foot Spey Versi-Leader

RIO 10-Foot Spey Versi-Leader

Item #: FG146

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$15.99 $ 15.99
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Intermediate Sink (1.5 ips) $15.99
Slow Sink (3 ips) $15.99
Fast Sink (5 ips) $15.99


RIO "10-FOOT" SPEY VERSI-LEADERS - Perfect with STEELHEAD SCANDI HEADS. Ultra smooth welded loop in the butt end makes it easy to connect to the head. Floater is perfect for forming the anchor when spey casting Scandinavian style. (1)Floating (green loop), (2)Intermediate - 1.5 ips (clear loop), (3)Slow sink - 3 ips (green loop), (4)Med sink - 4 ips (red), (5)Fast sink - 5 ips (blue), (6)Extra fast sink - 7.0 ips (black).


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