rio RIO Knotless "Indicator" 10-Foot Tapered Leaders
rio RIO Knotless

RIO Knotless "Indicator" 10-Foot Tapered Leaders

Item #: GF027

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2X (10lb) $5.99
3X (8.2lb) $5.99
4X (6.4lb) $5.99
5X (5lb) $5.99
6X (3.4lb) $5.99


RIO KNOTLESS "INDICATOR" 10-FOOT TAPERED LEADERS have a powerful butt-section and very short taper that easily turns over all manner of indicators and long, level tippet sections. The ORANGE BUTT-SECTION can also be used as an indicator. TIPPET SIZES: 6X(3.4lb), 5X(5lb), 4X(6.4lb), 3X(8.2lb), 2X(10-lb)


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