rio 40% OFF! RIO Summer Redfish Fly Line
rio 40% OFF! RIO Summer Redfish Fly Line

40% OFF! RIO Summer Redfish Fly Line

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RIO SUMMER REDFISH FLOATING FLY LINES with WELDED LOOPS INSTALLED on both ends. NOT JUST FOR REDFISH. This is a fantastic high-performance "general purpose" saltwater line that MATCHES BEAUTIFULLY WITH ALL MODERN FAST-ACTION SALTWATER FLY RODS. Short back taper for fast casts and a medium length front taper that will present a fly without spooking back country Reds, Spec's Bonefish, and other wary gamefish. An increase in weight towards the front of the line makes it easy to load rods at close range, and to cope with the typical saltwater winds. Hard tropical saltwater coating over medium-stiff core, won't wilt in the heat and maintains great loop control. 100-ft overall length. Best performance in 75-100 degree temps. Features RIO's Extreme Slickness (XS) and AgentX technologies. DualTone Color is Sand running line with Aqua-Blue head. WF6F thru WF10F. REG 99.99 NOW $59.99


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