rising RISING Big Nippa
rising RISING Big Nippa

RISING Big Nippa

Item #: HF015

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BIG NIPPA by RISING - BIGGER IS BETTER - Nearly .75" cutting blade. Thumb control contour. Hand Friendly Shape. Cuts ALL Mono, Tippet and Braid (yes braid). Finally, no more fumbling around with those little nippers. This new product from Rising is 3.5" and is a winner. The curved design fits your thumb perfecty and the the rubber grip is a nice touch too. Just attach to your favorite zinger or lanyard and you are set. The picture shows both the BIG NIPPA and standard NIPPA (Item #HF014) so you can see a size comparison. COLORS: (1)Black, (2)Red, (3)Lt-Blue, (4)Orange


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