Rite RITE Bobbins
Rite RITE Bobbins

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RITE Bobbins

Item #: RS003

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$27.99 - $39.99 27.99 39.99
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Trout $27.99
Bass/Salt Ceramic $39.99


RITE FLY TYING BOBBINS have adjustable thread tension. Each 2-3 turns on the screw-disc adds about 1-ounce of tension to the tying thread. Ceramic insert in tubes for a lifetime of use. SIZES: (1)Trout, (2)Bass/Salt Ceramic


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5 Rite RITE Bobbins

Reviewer: from Idaho, and elsewhere

The perfect bobbin. Easy to adjust tension, zero burs on the ceramic, comfortable in the hand, I forget that I'm using it. The same can't be said for several other bobbins I've used.

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