feather-craft Ron's Fake-Fur Wrap
feather-craft Ron's Fake-Fur Wrap

Ron's Fake-Fur Wrap

Item #: TD046

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Natural White $2.95
Dark Chocolate $2.95
Deep Blue $2.95
Maroon $2.95
Polar Bear White $2.95
Black $2.95
Red $2.95
Frosty Brown $2.95
Pale Pink $2.95
Light Tan $2.95
Dark Tan $2.95
Dark Brown $2.95



RON'S FAKE-FUR WRAP - It's made like traditional 'Body Fur', stitched on one side. The texture is SUPER SOFT providing great action in the water. It moves in the water like a Rabbit Strip, but is easier to tye with, and no rabbit fuzz flying up your nose. Great for trout to light saltwater applications. The width is about 1 1/4-inches. You can trim it to shape. Stripe, spot or color it with waterproof markers. COLORS: (1)Natural-White, (2)Polar-Bear-White, (3)Black, (4)Red, (5)Frosty-Brown, (6)Pale-Pink, (7)Lt-Tan, (8)Dk-Tan, (9)Dk-Brown, (10)Dk-Chocolate, (11)Deep-Blue, (12)Maroon 1-yd pak


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