Round Rubber Legs
Round Rubber Legs

Round Rubber Legs

Item #: TB001

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$3.25 $ 3.25
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Yellow $3.25
Black $3.25
Red $3.25
White $3.25
Claret/Purple $3.25
Brown $3.25
Chartreuse $3.25
Dark Golden Stone $3.25
Lime Green $3.25
Orange $3.25
Pink $3.25
Purple $3.25
Blue $3.25


RUBBER-LEGS "ROUND" SOLID-COLOR - Great popper-legs, legs on bluegill spiders, jigs, Madam-X etc. Don't tye anything for big bluegill without rubber legs on it! SIZE-MED. COLORS: (1)Black, (2)Brown, (3)Chartreuse, (4)Dk-Golden-Stone, (5)Lime-Green, (6)Orange, (7)Pink, (8)Purple, (9)Red, (10)White, (11)Yellow


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