sage SAGE "Bass II" Fly Rod
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SAGE "Bass II" Fly Rod

Item #: SG119

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SAGE BASS II SERIES - Toss big flies to fish with big appetites. When you're casting big flies onto weed mats to trigger attacks from the bucketmouths below, you're in for a day of spectacular strikes and big memories - maybe even a tournament title. Bass II rods have been upgraded for faster line speed, greater accuracy and easier line pickup to carry big, bulky flies straight to their target. Everything from explosive smallmouth in their river lairs, to voracious snook and tarpon stealthfully pulled from the mangroves on your kayak. These rods perform the job of line pickup, back-cast, and re-delivery WITH NO FALSE CAST NEEDED. The Peacock model is a true heavyweight ready to go toe-to-toe with giant Muskie, Pike and Peacock Bass. Fast action, custom full-wells grip, salt safe reelseat with fighting-butt, and built within tournament specifications (if that's your game). Blanks are a gorgeous Tree-Frog-Green with Rust, Gold and Black wraps. Each rod comes with its perfectly matched SAGE BASS II FLY LINE to maximize performance. Cordura rod and reel case is also included.



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