scientific anglers SCIENTIFIC ANGLERS Nylon Tippet Material
scientific anglers SCIENTIFIC ANGLERS Nylon Tippet Material

SCIENTIFIC ANGLERS Nylon Tippet Material

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40% OFF! SA "FRESHWATER" NYLON TIPPET MATERIAL in SIZES: 8X(1.4-lb), 7X(2.3-lb), 6X(3.3-lb), 5X(4.9-lb), 4X(6-lb), 3X(8.5-lb), 2X(9.8-lb), 1X(12.7-lb), 0X(14.9-lb), 20-lb, 25-lb, 35-lb. 30m spl

SCIENTIFIC ANGLERS REDESIGNED TIPPET SPOOLS & UPDATED GRAPHICS - SA's award winning tippet material hasn't changed, but they've raised the bar BIGTIME on tippet spool design. Check these features; Independent, free-wheeling hub allows the tippet spool to spin freely when joined together. The hub can be retracted to become flush with the spool body when used alone, or with other tippet spools on the market. Spools are molded with UV inhibitors to protect the tippet from degenerating UV rays. Built into the spool rim is a razor to cut the material right where you want it-ONE-HAND OPERATION. Tippet material is managed by a color-coded tippet retainer band with the size of the material printed on it, and a water-resistant label to prevent cracking and peeling.


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