SHOT-GUN Tungsten Shot Dispenser System
SHOT-GUN Tungsten Shot Dispenser System

SHOT-GUN Tungsten Shot Dispenser System

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SHOT-GUN TUNGSTEN SHOT DISPENSER SYSTEM - Stores and injects high density, non-toxic tungsten shot into the supplied tubing, right on to your leader or tippet. Tungsten is an environmentally friendly alternative which is completely reusable and recyclable. 68% heavier than lead, so you can use less and achieve the same results. Once applied to leader or tippet (takes seconds) it can easily be easily repositioned up or down without damaging the line. It snags much less that ordinary split-shot, and "hinges" less when casting. Simple, stealthy and effective. Kit includes: Shot-Gun Tool pre-loaded with shot and Shot-Gun Tubing. Everything you need to get started!

· Stealth, since the High Density Shot is much heavier than lead, you uses less and the system looks very similar to aquatic insects larva, fish have been known to hit at the shot-gun fishing weights. · Easy and safe to use and reuse · Non- Toxic, safe for people and the environment · Legal in every state, eco-friendly fishing weight system · Completely reusable and recyclable · Can be easily repositioned on line · Snags less that split shots · Line hinges less when casting · Lead is outlawed in many places


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