Smartwool SMARTWOOL Liner Sock
Smartwool SMARTWOOL Liner Sock


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$11.50 - $30.00 11.50 30.00
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Medium (6-8.5) $11.50
Medium (6-8.5) 3-PAK $30.00
Large (9-11.5) $11.50
Large (9-11.5) 3-PAK $30.00
X-Large (12-14.5) $11.50
X-Large (12-14.5) 3-PAK $30.00


SMARTWOOL LINER SOCKS - Consider these the Coup De Gras for cold feet sufferers. These ultra-thin socks are like a second-skin that conforms exactly to the shape of your foot. They add warmth, plus keep your feet bone-dry by wicking moisture to your outer sock layer. 64% Morino Wool, 34% Nylon, 2% Elastic. COMFORTABLE, DRY & WARM. You'll love 'em! This is also the sock worn under "flats boots" when wading tropical flats (keeps the sand from abrading your feet!). Color is White. SIZES: M(6-8.5), L(9-11.5), XL(12-14.5) $11.50 per pair, OR 3-pair for $30


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