scientific anglers SONAR SINK 30 WARMWATER Fly Line
scientific anglers SONAR SINK 30 WARMWATER Fly Line


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$89.95 $ 89.95
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150-grain for 4/5 wts $89.95
200-grain for 6/7 wts $89.95
250-grain for 7/8 wts $89.95
300-grain for 8/9 wts $89.95
350-grain for 9/10 wts $89.95
400-grain for 10/11 wts $89.95
450-grain for 11/13 wts $89.95


SONAR "SINK 30" WARMWATER Fly Lines - Designed with a 30' extra-fast-sinking head, this line gets flies deep extremely quickly. Intermediate sinking running line with large diameter low-tangle handling section for excellent line control. An outstanding warm to hot weather streamer line. SIZES: (150-grain for 4/5-wts, Red/Black head), (200gr, 6/7-wts, Yellow/Black head), (250gr, 7/8-wts, Surf/Black head), (300gr, 8/9-wts, Green/Black head), (350gr, 9/10-wts, Orange/Black head), (400gr, 10/11-wts, Surf/Black head), (450gr, 11/13-wts, Red/Black head)

SONAR 'SINK TIP' LINES feature SA-ID line identification on the first 1-2 feet of the tip section of your line, new ST+ slickness additive, Streamlined Welded Loops on both ends.


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