Sparkle Emerger Yarn
Sparkle Emerger Yarn

Sparkle Emerger Yarn

Item #: TD028

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$3.25 $ 3.25
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Tan $3.25
Ginger $3.25
Pale Yellow $3.25
Orange $3.25
Olive Dun $3.25
Black $3.25
Cream $3.25
Light Tan $3.25
Fl Yellow $3.25
Olive $3.25
Light Olive $3.25
White $3.25
Gray $3.25
Amber $3.25
Burnt Orange $3.25
Brown $3.25
Olive Brown $3.25


SPARKLE EMERGER YARN - More "crinkle" than Antron Yarn, but the same great shine. It's a little softer than Z-Lon (which I like), and you get about 10-times as much in a pack. Perfect for tying Gary Lafontaine's famous Emergent Sparkle Caddis Pupa. COLORS: (1)Tan, (2)Olive, (3)Lt-Olive, (4)White, (5)Gray, (6)Amber, (7)Burnt-Orange, (8)Brown, (9)Olive-Brown, (10)Ginger, (11)Pale-Yellow, (12)Orange, (13)Olive-Dun, (14)Black, (15)Cream, (16)Lt-Tan, (17)Fl-Yellow (large hank)


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