Sparkle Flake Crazy Legs
Sparkle Flake Crazy Legs

Sparkle Flake Crazy Legs

Item #: TB005

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$2.95 $ 2.95
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Clear/Salt n Pepper $2.95
Purple/Electric Blue Flake $2.95
Red/Blue Flake $2.95
White/Silver Flake $2.95
Yellow/Gold n Black Flake $2.95
Amber/Gold Flake $2.95
Sand/Orange n Black Flake $2.95
Pump/Green Orange n Black Flake $2.95
Blue/Silver Flake $2.95
Pink/Pearl n Pepper Flake $2.95
Clear/Pearl Flake $2.95
Metallic Gold $2.95
Metallic Silver $2.95
Metallic Pearl $2.95
Golden Shiner/Black n Gold Flake $2.95
Minnow Grey/Black n Pearl Flake $2.95
Shrimp Pink/Pearl Flake $2.95
Watermelon Rind/Black Flake $2.95
Black//Red Flake $2.95
Black/Blue Flake $2.95
Chartreuse/Silver Flake $2.95
Chartreuse/Black Flake $2.95
Brown/Orange Flake $2.95
Olive/Black Flake $2.95
Orange/Orange n Black Flake $2.95


SPARKLE-FLAKE CRAZY-LEGS - For bass-bugs, salt flies, poppers, bluegill flies, MADAM-X. NOTE: The Clear with Salt-n-Pepper Flake is for Bob Popovic's "Squid" pattern. COLORS: (1)Clear/Salt-n-Pepper-Flake, (2)Clear/Pearl-Flake, (3)Black/Red-Flake, (4)Black/Blue-Flake, (5)Chartreuse/Silver-Flake, (6)Chartreuse/Black-Flake, (7)Brown/Orange-Flake, (8)Olive/Black-Flake, (9)Orange/Orange-Black-Flake, (10)Purple/Electric-Blue-Flake, (11)Red/Blue-Flake, (13)White/Silver-Flake, (14)Yellow/Gold-Black-Flake, (15)Amber/Gold-Flake, (16)Sand/Orange-Black-Flake, (17)Pumpkin/Green-Orange-Black-Flake, (18)Blue/Silver-Flake, (19)Pink/Pearl-Pepper. METALLIC COLORS: (20)Gold, (21)Silver, (22)Pearl, (23)Golden-Shiner/Blk-Gold-Flake, (24)Minnow-Grey/Blk-Pearl-Flake, (25)Shrimp-Pink/Pearl-Flake, (26)Watermelon-Rind/Blk-Flake


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