Sparkle Organza
Sparkle Organza

Sparkle Organza

Item #: TF001

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$3.25 $ 3.25
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White $3.25
Dun $3.25
Tan $3.25
Fl Bright Green $3.25
Bright Red $3.25
Fl Neon Pink $3.25
Black $3.25


SPARKLE ORGANZA - Used to create the most gorgeous "twinkling" spinner wings you've ever seen. Also incorporated it into streamer wings and trailing shucks on emerger and cripple patterns. To use sparkle organza simply pull the thread fibers "loose" from the edge of the fabric swatch. SPARKLING-COLORS: (1)White, (2)Dun, (3)Tan, (4)Fl-Bright-Green, (5)Bright-Red, (6)Fl-Neon-Pink


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