STONFO Elite Disc Drag Bobbins
STONFO Elite Disc Drag Bobbins

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STONFO Elite Disc Drag Bobbins

Item #: RS011

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$22.95 $ 22.95
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Trout Bobbin (Red) $22.95
Saltwater/Bass Bobbin (Blue) $22.95
Compact Bobbin (Black) $22.95


STONFO ELITE DISC-DRAG BOBBINS - These machined bobbins have a hardened steel tip insert and countersunk feed that allows thread to glide through the tube for super-smooth threading and tying. The ADJUSTABLE DISC-DRAG has a very large adjustment zone so that you can FINE TUNE THREAD TENSION to the type of thread being used, and your personal preferences. Bobbins are very lightweight and feel great in your hand while tying. Saltwater model has a larger diameter tube for use with heavier threads. (A)TROUT BOBBIN, (B)SALTWATER/BASS BOBBIN

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