Synthetic Yak Hair
Synthetic Yak Hair

Synthetic Yak Hair

Item #: TU045

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$5.95 $ 5.95
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White $5.95
Salt & Pepper $5.95
Lavender $5.95
Pink $5.95
Red $5.95
Yellow $5.95
Gold $5.95
Maroon $5.95
Rusty Amber $5.95
Aqua $5.95
Fl Red/Cerise $5.95
Black $5.95
Fl Orange $5.95
Fl Green $5.95
Chartreuse $5.95
Purple $5.95
Royal Blue $5.95
Cream $5.95
Medium Brown $5.95
Olive Brown $5.95
Seal Brown $5.95


SYNTHETIC YAK HAIR - This stuff makes absolutely beautiful streamers and baitfish imitations. It's a little finer, less kinky, and less stiff than the real thing, making it super easy to work with and GREAT MOVEMENT IN THE WATER. Simple to match any baitfish, just stack colors or "roll" two different colors between your fingers to blend. Stack in flash material (Flashabou, Krystal Flash, etc) for desired amount of sparkle, affix 3-D eyes and you're done. HUGE 20" HANKS... a thousand uses for this great new material. COLORS: (1)White, (2)Black, (3)Purple, (4)Royal-Blue, (5)Cream, (6)Med-Brown, (8)Olive-Brown, (9)Seal-Brown, (10)Salt-&-Pepper, (11)Lavender, (12)Pink, (13)Red, (14)Yellow, (15)Gold, (16)Maroon, (17)Rusty-Amber, (18)Aqua, (19)Fl-Red/Cerise, (20)Fl-Orange, (21)Fl-Green, (22)Chartreuse


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