Temple Fork TFO Tenkara Fly Rods
Temple Fork TFO Tenkara Fly Rods

TFO Tenkara Fly Rods

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TEMPLE FORK OUTFITTERS "SOFT HACKLE" TENKARA RODS with FREE TENKARA FLY LINE - Based on the traditional Japanese method of fishing using only a rod, line and fly. Tenkara fishing permits the angler to make precise casts, delicate presentations, and manipulate their fly with great ease. HERE'S HOW IT WORKS: Tie on a soft hackle fly (or two using the dropper method) at the end of a 9-foot 3X leader with 2-3 feet of 4X tippet attached. Make 45-degree downstream casts. After the line is downstream of you and your fly begins to "drag" hold the rod tip high enough so that only the leader and tippet are in the water, then give a slight twitch (only moving the rod tip an inch or so) to imitate a Caddisfly emerging, skittering along the surface. The twitching, if done correctly, is usually when the fish hits. Unbelievably effective... a great extension to our sport. This is also a wonderful way to introduce kids to fly fishing, and a much easier way to fly fish for people with certain disabilities. Telescoping down to 20 and 20.5 inches, these rods are not only great for the backpacking angler, but for every angler. Carry one in the back pocket of your vest or lash one to your pack. This allows you to switch back and forth between Tenkara and your standard fly rod as you work your way downstream. Rods come with a spare tip and second section and a line holder built into the rod sock to organizing line when not in use. We're including a FREE F-C CUSTOM MADE TENKARA FLY LINE with each rod. The line lengths are the max that each rod will handle; you can shorten them by cutting down the back side if you like. Go to YouTube and search "Tenkara" for lots of video demonstrations.


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