Oasis The Fly Factory Bench
Oasis The Fly Factory Bench

The Fly Factory Bench

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For Left Handed Tyer $144.95
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FLY FACTORY PORTABLE FLY TYING BENCH by OASIS - This is a really affordable way to get organized. Large enough to neatly handle all of the necessities, small enough to store the 'whole works' in the top of a closet (17 1/2" x 16"). Construction is solid oak with the trademark OASIS highly non-stick working surface. Plastic insert organizes hooks, beads, finished flies and more (Product change: Insert is now black). 10-brass rods hold 20-spools of thread, wire and tinsel. Cork strip in front holds flies while cement or epoxy dries. 7-storage jars hold frequently used beads, hooks, or eyes. Rear storage area holds necks, saddles, dubbing bags, hook boxes or larger jars. Left arm is for bottle storage, right arm for tool storage. Hackle pliers hanger and foam insert for bodkins. Magnet holds hooks or razor blades. Vise mounts on the left arm for right handed tyers (left handed model on request). Vise, tools and materials sold separately. $128.95 Plus an additional $10 shipping over our regular charge. Ground shipping only (it's made solid).

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