TRU OIL Wood Finish for Nets
TRU OIL Wood Finish for Nets

TRU OIL Wood Finish for Nets

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TRU-OIL FINISH for WOOD NET FRAMES so the frame lasts a lifetime. WOOD NET FRAMES: HOW TO CARE FOR THEM, so the frame lasts a lifetime. HERE'S HOW: Get some 00 or 000-steel wool. Lightly buff the wood down with the steel-Wool. You need not even buff it down to bear wood, however you can. Wipe away the dust. With your finger or a soft cloth, spread a sparse TRU-OIL finish over the wood. Allow it to penetrate. Then allow it to dry for 2-hours or more. I let it sit over night. For a real buildup, I then buff it down again, and add another coat. You can do this, until the wood net frame is a classic piece of wood, with a deep water proof finish. If you scuff it, just refinish the scuffed spot. NOTICE all of this also applies to the wood-inserts on your rods reel-seat. THE PRODUCT TO USE IS TRU-OIL. If you buy a wood frame net from us, this is the fast drying product our net maker uses to water proof and protect the wood. A 3-oz bottle will last for a long time. Comes with instructions.


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