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Tyger Wire Tyger Wire

Tyger Wire

Item #: GS182

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TYGER WIRE - Nylon coated, micro braided, stainless steel leader that allows you to tie it just like it was monofilament. TIE ANY KNOT! Softest, most flexible steel you've ever touched. It is kink resistant, flexible and super strong. For "toothy-fish" like bluefish, pike, barracuda, you name it-THE BEST WIRE WE'VE EVER USED. Tye one end of the wire to one side of our tiny F-C SEAMLESS STEEL RING (item GS562). To the other side of the ring, tye on 12-15" of 15/16-lb mono as your class tippet. Put a loop in the end of it. Put the whole outfit in a zip-lock till needed. Then loop the class tippet to the loop in our F-C Big Game Leader Butt-Section (item GD004) and your set. SIZES: 5-lb (.010" dia), 15-lb (.014" dia), 30-lb (.019" dia), 50-lb (.024" dia) 10-ft spl


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