uni Uni Axxel Flash
uni Uni Axxel Flash

Uni Axxel Flash

Item #: TJ001

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$1.95 $ 1.95
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Black $1.95
Holo Gold $1.95
Copper $1.95
Gold $1.95
Pearl $1.95
Rainbow White $1.95
Rainbow Black $1.95
Red $1.95
Silver $1.95
Peacock $1.95
Holo Silver $1.95
Purple $1.95


UNI AXXEL FLASH - Axxel Flash is six narrow strands of flash material interlaced with nylon micro-filaments for strength. Use it by itself for sparkling fly bodies down to size-16, combine it with other body materials to add more subtle sparkle, or use it as glimmering "ribbing" on larger patterns. (1)Black, 92)Copper, (3)Gold, (4)Pearl, (5)Rainbow-White, (6)Rainbow-Black, (7)Red, (8)Silver, (9)Peacock, (10)Holo-Gold, (11)Holo-Silver, (12)Purple (12-yard spool)


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