Uni Mohair Yarn
Uni Mohair Yarn

Uni Mohair Yarn

Item #: TD031

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$1.75 $ 1.75
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Black $1.75
Brown $1.75
Brown $1.75
Dark Brown $1.75
Dark Olive $1.75
Olive $1.75
Purple $1.75
Rusty Brown $1.75
White $1.75


UNI-MOHAIR YARN - Spooled Long-Fiber MOHAIR for leech patterns as well as buggy bass flies. Simply wrap it on, and pick-out for desired look. I like this stuff. COLORS: (1)Black, (2)Brown, (3)Golden-Brown, (4)Dk-Brown, (5)Dk-Olive, (6)Olive, (7)Purple, (8)Rusty-Brown, (9)White. (Single spool)


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