Waddington Shanks
Waddington Shanks

Waddington Shanks

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WADDINGTON SHANKS - Clamp in the flat section of the Waddington shank into your vise and you are on your way to tying Intruders and string leeches. The doubled over shank also gives a nice wide profile. Great way to tie big flies with small hooks, we use Gamakatsu "Octopus" Hooks for the trailer (our item TA413). SIZES: #1(2 3/8"), #2(1 3/4"), #3(1 3/8"), #4(1")

TIP: RIGGING WADDINTON SHANKS for fishing is very easy. It can be as simple as using 20# mono secured with a clinch-knot to the back of the Waddington Shank, and then to the trailer hook. Another method is simply running your tippet thru the hook-eye, around the shank and back out thru the loop in the rear of the shank where the hook can be tied on as normal. Obviously this method can be used with finished flies/shanks right on the stream, and allows you to change hook sizes as needed while you're fishing. A more advanced technique is running a mono or Spectra-Fiber loop thru the eye of the trailer hook using a loop-to-loop type method, then both loose ends go thru the loop in the rear of the shank, then both ends are secured to the shank before the fly is tyed. _ All of these methods of rigging can be found online with a simple search. The trailer hook (Octopus) typically rides 1-2" behind the shank, depending on the length of the fly.


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