Web Wing
Web Wing

Web Wing

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$3.50 $ 3.50
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White $3.50
Mottled Light Dun $3.50
Mottled Medium Dun $3.50
Mottled Hopper Yellow $3.50
Mottled Brown $3.50
Light Dun $3.50
Black $3.50
Tan $3.50
Hopper Yellow $3.50
Brown $3.50
Olive $3.50
Mottled Tan $3.50


WEB-WING - A tough, translucent fabric that looks a lot like a screen-door, but with much finer and softer mesh. It can be cut to any shape, and the fabric will not fray or come apart while fishing. It has just the right amount of sparkle and rigidity. Shape your wings with scissors, or use our WING-CUTTERS to cut perfect caddis, mayfly, hopper or stonefly wings in seconds! COLORS: (1)White, (2)Lt-Dun, (3)Med-Dun, (4)Black, (5)Tan, (6)Hopper-Yellow, (7)Brown, (8)Olive, (9)Mottled-Tan, (10)Mottled-Lt-Dun, (11)Mottled-Med-Dun, (12)Mottled-Hopper-Yellow, (13)Mottled-Brown NOTE: color # 30-Medium Dun is no longer available.


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