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   Premium Winston Fly Rods are carefully examined at each stage of production. Every rod builder has the authority to "pull the rod" if an imperfection is discovered. Grips are sanded from Portuguese cork. Winston freshwater rods include a burled Box Elder wood insert with knurled nickel silver edges and polished to a jewel finish. (graphite available upon request). Saltwater reel seats are machined aluminum and anodized black with a graphite insert or fully anodized aluminum and come with a full wells grip. It's legendary performance and this unequaled workmanship that makes a Winston a classic. Covered by Winston's Unconditional Lifetime Warranty. Winston Bamboo is also available on a special basis. Call for details 1.800.659.1707

   **Winston Rod Building Kits** Our custom rod building kits offer a selection of the highest quality components available. Winston kits include a Authentic Winston reel seat, flor grade fork handles already "inletted" to fit perfectly. All necessary hardware is included along with a spacing chart. Thread, epoxies, rod tube a sock sold separately. Custom kits are also available... call for details.

Winston Nexus Series Fly Rods
Item # WN098

WINSTON NEXUS SERIES FLY RODS - These revolutionary lightweight all-graphite, smooth action fly rods offer a ton of traditional "Winston-esque" performance at a lower price point than Winston's Boron/Graphite composite offerings. These fantastic, high performance, deep-black fly rods redefine the high modulus all-graphite rod category with an innovative new fast action combining Winston's legendary ultra-smooth "Winston Action" with more modern, faster tapers. Exceptionally beautiful, smooth-casting "all-around" fly rods utilizing a new design to handle a range of conditions with faster tapers, especially through the lower half of the rod. They are a joy to cast, can generate added power when needed, and are made to Winston's extremely high standards of beauty and craftsmanship in Twin Bridges, Montana. Anodized silver aluminum reelseats with light amber wood insert and traditional Winston cigar grips on 3wt-6wt. Anodized aluminum reelseats with fighting-butt and full-wells grips on the 9'6" 5 and 6-weights as well as the 7wt-12wts. Rod bag and lightweight aluminum tube included. Winston's Unconditional Lifetime Guarantee. Made in Montana.
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Winston Micro Spey Rods
Item # WN099

WINSTON BORON III TH-MS MICROSPEY FLY RODS - An innovative addition of three specialized light line Two-Handed trout models to Winston's extremely popular Boron III TH Two-Handed rod series. Using Boron III technology, these new high performance, ultra-lightweight two-handed rods perfectly combine the power of a spey rod and the finesse of a trout rod to bring a whole new dimension to fishing big, open trout waters, landlocked salmon and smallmouth bass in moving water. The versatile design of these new 3-, 4- and 5-weight Microspey rods strikes an important balance between "castability & fishability", designed to utilize the incredible high performance of Boron III technology, driving power up through the rod as the angler may need. Powerful enough to launch a streamer into a stiff wind, nimble enough to handle light tippets when swinging wet flies, and also when dead drifting nymphs or dries. Light enough to fish all day, yet long enough to reach those far seams that call for a big foam bug. Whether fishing in demanding weather or covering broad waters, these Microspey rods will provide the angler with an exciting new world of opportunities. Winston's Unconditional Lifetime Warranty. Made in Montana.
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Winston Wt
Item # WN105

Winston Traditional "WT" Trout Rods feature Winston's famous progressive-taper design and soft-tip. Remember, "the rod tip will bend before the tippet will break." That's the celebrated smooth Winsont "WT" action.

AVAILABLE BY SPECIAL ORDER ONLY. Allow 4-6 weeks for delivery.
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Winston Boron Iiix 586-4 Kit
Item # WN108-K-586-4

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R.L. Winston Bamboo Fly Rods
Item # WN112

R. L. WINSTON BAMBOO FLY RODS Winston has been building bamboo rods since 1929. These beautiful, simply superb fishing instruments are made by hand, one at a time. Each rod can take up to a year to build, representing the pinnacle of years of testing, design refinements and expert knowledge that has been passed down over the decades.
Fishing bamboo is one of the great experiences in angling; they have a wonderful slow action and feature incredible touch and feel, as well as superb line and loop control. When you hold one, or cast one, or feel one bend under the weight of a good fish, then you'll understand. There is nothing quite as magical as fishing a Winston Bamboo Fly Rod. And not just a magnificent fishing tool, but also a wise investment as fine bamboo rods appreciate in value over the years (Winston Bamboo Rod values are up 15-23% over the past 8 years).

All rods come with two tips, and are available in 2-Piece or 3-Piece configuration. Traditional agate stripper guides are used, with titanium-plated snake guides. All rods are hand inscribed with line size, length, weight and serial number. Reelseats are nickel-silver with your choice of wood insert; Burled Box Elder, Zebrawood or Lacewood.


3-weight: 6', 6'6", 7' & 7'6"
4-weight: 6'6", 7', 7'6" & 8'
5-weight: 7'9", 8' & 8'6"
6-weight: 8', 8'6" & 9'
7-weight: 9'
8-weight: 8'9", 9' & 9'6"
9-weight: 9'6"
10-weight: 9'

NOTE: To order your R.L. Winston Bamboo, give us a call at the shop, 1-800-659-1707 or feel free to add this item to your shopping cart and we will give you a call to discuss your rod a give you an estimated delivery date.

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Winston Boron III-LS Fly Rods
Item # WN116

WINSTON BORON III LS SERIES - These advanced Boron III technology fly rods are incredibly lightweight and accurate and offer up a very delicate presentation. BIII LS is an ideal selection when fishing light tippets for big fish on small to mid-size streams. Their medium-fast action is as sweet as it gets; a true delight to fish. Classic Winston Green blanks with Nickel-Silver and Burl wood inserts OR a newly designed ventilated, silver over graphite reelseat, and of course the impeccable Winston hardware and finishing.

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Winston LT-Series Trout Rods
Item # WN117

WINSTON 5-PIECE "LT" SERIES TROUT RODS - We've teamed with Winston to bring a limited number of these wonderful rods back for the holiday season. With one of the most beloved 'trout' actions of all time, the "LT" rods fish like a dream. Beautifully crafted rods with that extra-smooth Winston "soul" that made them the favorite of thousands of fly fishers, including myself (Bob) upon their introduction in 1996. I fish my 4 and 5-weight regularly to this day. Constructed of third generation graphite, these 5-piece rods break down to briefcase size for travel, yet feel more like one piece rods when casting thanks to their hand-fitted spigot ferrules. The softer tip sections allow for easy in close loads, line mends and roll casting (plus tippet saving give), while the lower sections provide the appropriate amount of power when we need to reach out. Winston rates this series Medium-Fast action. Trademark translucent Emerald-Green blanks with nickel-silver reelseats and hand markings. Unconditional lifetime warranty. Hand crafted in Twin Bridges, Montana. Five models available for delivery by Christmas while supplies last.

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Winston Biii Plus Fly Rod
Item # WN118

WINSTON BIII PLUS FLY RODS are fast-action, designed with the classic Winston 'soul' and A POWERFUL PUNCH. They load quickly and easily in close, and throughout the casting stroke at any distance for those times when you have to reload immediately. Rods are light in the hand with a quick recovery through the casting stroke. Made with the finest materials and components to produce a rod that has incredible performance capability as well as beautiful fit and finish. Blanks combine several high-performance composite materials including Winston's proprietary Boron/Composite. Finished in the traditional Winston Green to provide not only a beautiful finish to the rod, but to also provide protection to the underlying carbon fiber material from the inadvertent impact with the fly or other obstacles. Oversized, ultra-smooth snake guides prevent any inadvertent line knots from hanging up, and have the hardest Rockwell finish in the industry. Comfortable full-wells grips. Aluminum, hard-anodized Winston Green reel seat features the Winston signature, double lock rings with interacting 'o' rings and fighting-butt. The 5 and 6-weight models are also offered in a trout configuration with nickel-silver/burled-wood reelseat and cigar grip. Packaged in the premium Winston embroidered rod bag and light weight carbon fiber rod tube. Hand crafted in Twin Bridges, Montana. Unconditional Lifetime Warranty.

"Wonderfully smooth casting, powerful-fast-action rods that easily bridge the gap between fresh and saltwater. Whether tossing giant streamers on the Madison, or patrolling saltwater flats and beyond, this BIII PLUS is up to the challenge."... Bob
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Winston Biii Plus Jungle Series Fly Rod
Item # WN119

NEW! WINSTON BIII PLUS 'JUNGLE SERIES' FLY RODS are a unique subset of the BIII PLUS Rod family. Today, anglers are discovering the fantastic fishing opportunities in some of the most remote jungle areas in the world. The fisheries are challenging. Winston's new JUNGLE series was tested in the remote jungle waters of South America where the big, tough Golden Dorado, Peacock Bass and Arapaima swim along with so many other strong species... as well as pike and musky in our home waters. Designed for incredible strength, these rods allow for easier mending of the line and easier casting of the big flies while fishing the jungle waters. The tip section of these rods is designed to protect the terminal tackle while the butt section with Boron/Composite material, is strong enough to control the fight. Produced with the same quality components as the Boron III Plus series, and packaged in the premium Winston embroidered rod bag and light weight carbon fiber rod tube. Hand crafted in Twin Bridges, Montana. Unconditional Lifetime Warranty.
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Winston BIIIx Fly Rods
Item # WN120

WINSTON BORON IIIX SERIES FLY RODS - Improved for 2016 with larger snake guides for less friction and even smoother castability. Incredibly light in hand, sweet "crisp" action, deadly accurate... and all with that indescribably smooth Winston feel that they refer to as "soul". I was blown away from the first cast (Bob). Utilizing higher modulus third generation Boron/Graphite Composite, Boron IIIx rods have an enormously broad casting range that lets you control line-speed for longer casts and windy conditions, or slow it down for gentle presentations up close. Increased strength in the butt section provides great lifting power for long lines or heavy rigs. Everything about this rod is 'right'. The workmanship is impeccable, as we've come to expect from Winston, right down to the gorgeous new lightweight graphite rod tubes they're packaged in. Winston technical advisor Joan Wulff sums it up like this... "Boron IIIx rods are an amazing combination of speed, power and smoothness." 3-weight thru 9' 5 & 6-weights come standard with nickel-silver reelseat with burled wood insert, or optional Featherlight anodized aluminum reelseat. The 9'6", 5 and 6-weight and larger models all come with the Featherlight anodized aluminum reelseat with fighting-butt.

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