Performance on the water is SCOTT'S favorite measure of a great fly rod, but they also believe in the traditions of rod building and the heritage of fine craftsmanship. Every Scott rod is handcrafted in their shop in Montrose, Colorado using the most advanced materials. Hundreds of steps go into building a Scott rod, and each one is done by hand.

Grips are turned from the finest Portuguese cork rings, hand wrapped thread over each guide foot, hand applied coating over each thread wrap, and each ferrule is hand fit. Each rod has alignment dots on each side of the ferrules to make aligning the sections of your rod simple. Serial numbers are hand inscribed on each rod as a symbol of authenticity and pride.

When you're fishing a Scott rod, you're not just fishing the best technology; you're fishing a handcrafted tool and all the attention and love that went into making it.

Scott Radian Fly Rods
Item # SF100

SCOTT "RADIAN" FLY ROD SERIES - The Radian series offers amazing power and line speed, with even more amazing touch and feel. No hype here, this is the real deal (Bob). Fast and Feel have finally come together. These rods are deadly accurate, load perfectly in-close and for distance, and create wind-cutting line speed with a very relaxed casting stroke. They have it all. Read what Scott Rod Company has to say about them...

So, how'd we do it? We dramatically increased recovery speed with our new ReAct technology. By minimizing energy- sapping vibrations, ReAct creates fast action, high line speed rods with all the nuance and feel of a presentation rod. Now, roll casts to a tricky seam, and short, delicate casts with fine 6X leaders are just as easy as long distance streamer deliveries to the opposite bank. And after the cast, when you need extended fishability, Radian rods give you incredible mending abilities and tippet protection without sacrificing the authoritative hook setting and fish fighting power you expect from a fast action rod.

But, it's more than advanced technology that make the Radian so amazing. Check out the components and workmanship. There isn't a finer production rod in existence. Features like titanium framed SiC stripping guides, custom reel seats with burled box elder spacers, the very top grade Portuguese cork, and the new patented Universal snake guides from American maker Snake Brand round out the most fully loaded rods to ever grace a rod rack. Each and every Radian is handcrafted start to finish in our shop in Montrose, Colorado by anglers who know fly rods. Looking for a cross-over fresh/salt rod, Radian covers a wide variety of fishing situations from small creeks to inshore and saltwater flats.

- ReAct Technology - Brings together X-Core with a new complex materials and taper system to dramatically increase recovery speed
- X-Core Technology - Enhanced feel, incredible stability, and unequalled performance. X-Core combines the industry's most advanced composite technologies with cutting-edge design
- FiberFuse-Enhanced resin uses new chemistry to create stronger bonds between each fiber
- Multi-Modulus Design - fine-tuned flex and recovery
- ARC - Advanced Reinforced Carbon reduces torque and increases strength.
- Handcrafted in the USA - Built from beginning to end in Montrose, Colorado.

NEW MODEL FOR 2016: Radion 753/4. 7'6", 3-weight, 4-piece
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Scott G2 Series Fly Rods
Item # SF101

SCOTT "G2" SERIES FLY RODS - If you stalk big, wary trout with tiny flies, long leaders, and light tippet, this rod series is made for you. G2 rods inspire confidence and fierce loyalty. It comes from knowing exactly where your fly is going to land and from knowing that when you hook that big selective fish on fine tippet, your rod is going to perform to land it. The G2 combines compound progressive taper designs, multi-modulus lay ups, and thin-walled, natural finish blanks, fit with the finest componentry and craftsmanship. This is Scott's ultimate presentation tool.

- X-Core Technology - Enhanced feel, with unequalled stability. X-Core combines the industry's most advanced composite technologies with cutting-edge design.
- Multi-Modulus Design - Fine tuned flex and recovery.
- Natural Finish - Naturally stronger, naturally lighter.
- Scott Hollow Internal Ferrule - A continuous taper and smooth progressive action.
- ARC - Advanced Reinforced Carbon reduces torque and increases strength.
- Handcrafted in the USA - Built from beginning to end in Montrose, Colorado.
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Scott "F2" Series Fly Rods
Item # SF103

SCOTT "F2" FIBERGLASS SERIES FLY RODS - If you want top performance and maximum fun from your small stream fishing, F2 glass rods are a great choice. These aren't about nostalgia or being retro. These rods are about getting the most from your small stream fishing by using the right tools for the job. These rods make precise accurate casts with just a few feet of line and the leader, and are great for underhand and bow and arrow casts. They load deeply under the pull of small fish, transmitting tons of feel. Improve your success and enjoyment on small water with the Scott F2.

- The Scott Hollow Internal Ferrule - A continuous taper and smooth progressive action.
- Proprietary S2 high performance fiberglass epoxy composite - faster recovery and greater feel.
- Handcrafted in the USA - Built from beginning to end in Montrose, Colorado.
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Scott "SC" Bamboo Series Fly Rods
Item # SF105

SCOTT "SC" BAMBOO SERIES FLY RODS - Few pleasures compare to owning and fishing the finest bamboo fly rods. The truly great ones are works of art and highly refined fishing tools. Scott SC bamboo rods are masterfully crafted with the finest components and traditions, and they push bamboo rod building technology forward. The blanks are hollow built with stabilized nodes and butt swells. Sections are joined with handmade Hariki nickel silver ferrules. Each cork is selected for the highest grade and each piece of wood for its unique and expressive figuring. The handmade Snake Brand guides are wrapped in clear silk tipped with burgundy, and the full dip varnish work is impeccable. Available in 7'2" 3-wt 3-piece, 7'2" 4-wt 3-piece, and 7'7" 4-wt 3-piece.

- Hollow blanks with butt swells.
- Hariki handmade nickel silver ferrules.
- Agate guides in hand made nickel silver frames.
- Handcrafted in the USA - Built from beginning to end in Montrose, Colorado.
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Scott "T3H" Two-Handed Series Fly Rods
Item # SF107

SCOTT "T3H" TWO HANDED SERIES FLY RODS - The all new T3h two handed and switch rods advance casting and feel with X-Core technology. Find out how easy it is to form tight flat loops and reach far off lies. Whether you like to skate or dredge there is a T3h optimized for your two handed fishing. Available in line weights 4-10.

- X-Core Technology - Enhanced feel, incredible stability, and unequalled performance. X-Core combines the industry's most advanced composite technologies with cutting-edge design.
- ARC-Advanced Reinforced Carbon for reducing torque and increasing strength.
- Multi-Modulus Design - fine-tuned flex and recovery.
- Natural Finish - Naturally stronger, naturally lighter.
- Mil-Spec III anodized reel seats and Ti titanium guides offer the highest levels of corrosion resistance.
- Handcrafted in the USA - Built from beginning to end in Montrose, Colorado.
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Scott "L2H" Two-Handed Fly Rods
Item # SF108

SCOTT "L2H" TWO-HANDED SERIES FLY RODS - Designed and optimized for today's new line tapers and casting styles. Scott is an industry leader in developing blank technologies that help reduce torque. They've incorporated many of these innovations into the L2H series of two handed rods so you can get the most of your two handed fishing. These rods transfer power smoothly and are incredibly stable when changing directions or applying forward stroke power. They cast flatter, tighter loops that deliver greater distance and accuracy. Components are top of the line, with new grips shaped from Super grade cork, TiCh coated reel seats with self-aligning slide hoods, and TiCh stripping guides that feature SiC inserts. L2H rods deliver a new level of performance in mid-priced two handers.

- Multi-Modulus Design for fine-tuned flex and recovery
- Natural Finish-Naturally stronger, naturally lighter
- ARC - Advanced Reinforced Carbon reduces torque and increases strength
* Handcrafted in the USA - Built from beginning to end in Montrose, Colorado.
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Scott "Tidal" Fly Rods
Item # SF109

SCOTT "TIDAL" SERIES FLY RODS - The new Tidal fly rods make the challenges of fishing the salt a little less, well... challenging. Accurate presentations to cruising fish and good turnover into the wind are now easier than ever. These salt specific rods load quickly, generate high line speed with a relaxed casting stroke, and have ample power to control hard fighting fish. Like all Scott fly rods, they're handcrafted start to finish in Scott's Colorado workshop by skilled rod builders using the best materials available. Tidal rods come in models to cover any species or situation you'll encounter on the flats or open waters. Take the new Tidal series fly rods on your next saltwater adventure. They will make the rigors of casting in the harsh saltwater environment a bit easier... and might even make your guide smile, too.

- ARC - Scott is a leader in composite blank reinforcement. Their latest Advanced Reinforced Carbon adds hoop strength and counteracts torque which significantly increases casting accuracy and line control.
- Natural Finish - Creating a natural finish blank requires exacting tolerances, more care, and shows off the beauty of graphite. The Scott natural finish is all about making your rod lighter, more durable and better performing.
- Multi-Modulus - Scott pioneered multi-modulus lay-up in blank design. We're able to precisely control stiffness along the length of the rod to build rods that load and unload more smoothly.
- Made in USA - Every Scott rod is handcrafted, beginning to end, in their shop in Montrose, Colorado by anglers who understand fly rods.
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Scott Custom Rod Shop
Item # SF110

Scott Custom Shop

If you're looking for a fly rod that's different, unique, and personal, one built just for you, welcome to the Scott Custom Shop. Whether you're an obsessed flats angler that can't get enough of chasing tarpon and permit, or you live for the lush cool waters of a trout stream, or you're driven by the explosive takes by warm water predators, the Scott Custom Shop is available to help you build your Ultimate Fishing Tools-Rods that meet your precise fishing needs and tastes. You can choose from the latest in high tech corrosion free components, to the classic beauty of nickel silver, burled hardwoods, and agate stripping guides, all built with the quality craftsmanship you'd expect from the finest cane rods.

Click Here to build your Scott Custom Fly Rod
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Scott Meridian Fly Rod
Item # SF111


"Absolutely one of the finest saltwater fly rods that I have ever fished. This rod does it all. FAST, FEEL and POWER come together in the most amazing way. Scott president and chief rod designer, Jim Bartschi, seems to have broken the code on building fast-action rods with incredible touch and feel. His multi award winning 'Radian' Series freshwater fly rods are considered Best-In-Class by many (if you don't already own one, you should), and now he's powered up that technology to create a truly unique series of rods for the salt"... Bob Story

INTRODUCING: SCOTT 'MERIDIAN' SALTWATER SERIES FLY RODS - The all new MERIDIAN SALTWATER RODS are built on Scott's award winning ReAct technology to bring you a series of saltwater rods that are remarkably lightweight, and generate exceptional line speed and power. Using increased recovery speed rather than stiffness to more efficiently transfer energy, MERIDIAN rods help you quickly make accurate casts at any distance in demanding saltwater conditions. You'll be amazed at how fast you can get the fly from your hand to the fish, and in the salt that's often the difference between a fish and a wish. MERIDIAN rods are fitted with newly designed components that defy harsh saltwater environments. Scott designed a new reel seat milled from aircraft grade aluminum, featuring self-indexed slide hoods, extra deep knurling to easily turn lock rings with wet hands, type 3 mil-spec hard coat in non-reflective flat black, and line weight engravings for quick rod identification in boat racks. The new fighting butt shape and transitional check ring help to quickly shed line if it gets caught on the butt by reducing sharp angles that can trap line. Stripping guides feature SiC rings in full titanium frames and Recoil nickel titanium snake guides for low friction and corrosion free performance. Scott focused on every detail so you can focus on the fish. Offered in 2-Piece, 4-Piece and one 3-Piece model. Unconditional Lifetime Guarantee.

WINNER: Best Saltwater Fly Rod and Best Of Show, 2015 International Fly Tackle Dealer Show

WINNER: Best 8-Weight Saltwater Rod, 2016 Yellowstone Shoot Out
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Scott Radian Two-Handed Series
Item # SF112

SCOTT RADIAN 2-HANDED RODS - Light in hand with high line speed, and loads of feel, Radian two handers are perfect for anglers who prefer "touch and go" casts and an up-tempo stroke. They deliver power smoothly and load progressively so whether you're fishing a close lie against the bank or a seam on the far side of the river, Radian two handers maintain their feel and loop control exceptionally well. Fit with the finest components of any two hander, these rods are equally impressive for their craftsmanship. Reel seats are milled from aluminum bar stock and treated with type 3 hard coat in flat black. Stripping guides are titanium with SiC rings complemented with Snakebrand Universal snake guides. Grips are turned from the best cork of the harvest. These rods love Scandi heads and long belly lines, but will deliver Skagit systems with ease too.
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Scott Flex Fly Rods
Item # SF114

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