Orvis Helios-2 Fly Rods
Item # OR105

ORVIS "HELIOS 2" FLY RODS featuring all new tapers tuned to transfer energy along a smoother curve with steeper tapers and lighter tips resulting in unrivaled tracking. Aligned graphite fibers throughout with proprietary materials integrated into the tip using an Orvis exclusive veiling process increases the impact strength and dampening without adding weight. This layering of material also absorbs impacts to the rod, thus protecting the scrim and creating a stronger than ever tip. There is a 20% reduction in felt swing-weight compared to the original Helios. Steeper rear tapers provide fantastic lifting power. Midnight-Blue blanks are appointed with crushproof Recoil guides, California Buckeye Burl reelseat with Black-Nickel Skeleton (Black-Nickel with Carbon-Fiber inserts and fighting-butts on Salt and Switch models), super-grade cork handles, UV inhibiting paint coating, ferrule alignment dots and carbon fiber rod tube. Made in Manchester, VT. Orvis 25-year rod guarantee. FIVE NEW SWITCH ROD MODELS FOR 2014.

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Orvis Encounter Fly Rod Outffits
Item # OR106

ORVIS "ENCOUNTER FLY ROD OUTFITS" - These perfectly balanced outfits arrive rigged and ready to fish. You wouldn't think that a rod in this price range could be this great. Wonderful med-fast to fast action 4-piece fly rods with great "feel" that REALLY CAST. Perfect for anyone just getting started in fly fishing, and plenty good enough to be a favorite backup rod, no matter what your fishing now. Or maybe just leave one of these babies in your car all the time so you're ready for any accidental fishing opportunity that might arise. The lightweight large-arbor Encounter fly reel has a more than competent, smooth adjustable drag system. Outfits include Encounter rod and reel, weight-forward floating fly line, backing and rod tube. Specify Right or Left hand retrieve.
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Orvis Superfine "Glass" Fly Rods
Item # OR107

ORVIS SUPERFINE "GLASS" FLY RODS - You're going to want at least one of these amazing rods in your collection (Bob). I've not cast anything quite like it before. By using today's tapers coupled with modern S2 fiberglass construction, ORVIS rod designers have come up with what I call "fast-glass". These are full-flex rods that have a wonderful medium to medium-fast feel with accuracy beyond any other glass rod that I've cast. They weigh near nothing in your hand and retain that classic fiberglass "bend the rod in half" while fighting a nice fish. Unsanded S2 fiberglass blanks are a nostalgic moss-green color with brown wraps, and feature an uplocking cork and polished silver reelseat, super-grade cork handle and chrome guides. Classic Superfine unsanded fiberglass rod tube included. Made in Manchester, VT. Orvis 25-year rod guarantee.

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Orvis Frequent Flyer Rods
Item # OR108

ORVIS CLEARWATER "FREQUENT FLYER" 7-PIECE FLY RODS - Traveling with your fly rod has never been easier than it is with a Frequent Flyer travel rod. These seven-piece fly rods break down incredibly small for easy transport in your luggage, backpack or briefcase. Also great for bikers, or just stash one under the seat of your vehicle and always be ready to take advantage of any fishing opportunity that pops up. These rods are 100% graphite and remarkably smooth to cast.
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Orvis Recon Fly Rods
Item # OR109

ORVIS "RECON" FLY ROD SERIES - Made in Vermont with the same advanced construction techniques as their Helios-2 cousins, these rods really perform, and at a price that won't break the bank. Orvis' proprietary fiber alignment technology eliminates all of the excess graphite, providing the angler with a sleek, fast action rod that tracks true and dampens immediately, delivering deadly accurate cast, and all the while retaining the line feel we all look for in a fast action rod. Shadow-Green blanks with Black-Nickel reelseats and premium hardware throughout (freshwater seats features a Dark Burlwood insert). Models from light freshwater to heavy saltwater, each tuned to their specific tasks. Made in USA.

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