St. Croix

Original Saltwater Insurance Rod (PS70MF3)
Item # AM001

F-C ORIGINAL SALTWATER INSURANCE ROD(tm) 3-Piece Graphite Two-Handed 7-ft "SPINNING" carry-on-the-plane "Travel Rod" by ST. CROIX. Many trips both salt and fresh water saved every year with this rod and the "LAUNCHER" (see below). Waves and wind may blow us off with our fly rods, but not with this outfit. We load this rod with a LAUNCHER. Then CONTINUE TO FISH OUR FLY-PATTERNS. We will not be beaten by the weather. Many fishing the flats in the morning with fly rods return in the afternoon with this outfit to fish the bay and surf just for the fun of it, and kick butt. Mom or the kids can easily cast this "Two-Handed" model, and have a great time. It's rated fast-action, 6-12 pound line, 1/4-5/8 ounce lures. Cordura case included. (Matches well with the EF30 SPINNING REEL)
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F-C Launchers
Item # AM003

F-C LAUNCHERS Long-Distance Casting Floats that allow us to throw poppers, bugs, deep-minnows, and streamers "a mile". Use with our ORIGINAL Saltwater Insurance Spinning Rod. Easy rigging instructions included. A surf fisher's delight when wind is up.
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St. Croix Legend Elite
Item # SC100

ST. CROIX "LEGEND ELITE" SERIES FLY RODS have been completely redesigned to meet the demands of the most intense fresh- and saltwater fly fishing applications encountered. Lighter, slim-profile ferrules and stunning cosmetics are married to premium, high-modulus, high-strain SCV graphite blanks with carbon-matte scrim and loaded with exclusive St. Croix design technologies. These rods REALLY LOAD & THROW EASILY at all distances, close or far. Expect fabulous lifting power, cannon-like cast ability, and a remarkable degree of feel. Freshwater models (EFW) are finished in a smooth Gallatin green, while the saltwater series(ESW), featuring max-power butt section for handling big fish and even bigger winds, is cloaked in a sweet Belize blue. All rods include a Cordura-covered rod tube.
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St. Croix Avid Fly Rod
Item # SC103

St. Croix Avid Fly Rod: This comprehensive line of rods feature IPC technology with slim-profile ferrules and a beautiful canteen-green pearl finish. The moderate-action loads progressively down the SCIII blank making it ideal for protecting light tippets. With a selection of models covering a wide array of trout fishing situations, these rods can put a little spring in your step. Not to mention your cast.
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Kelly Galloup 'Bank Robber' Fly Rod
Item # SC105

F-C Best Seller! KELLY GALLOUP 'BANK ROBBER' FLY RODS by ST. CROIX St. Croix and Kelly Galloup have co-developed a mini series of specialized streamer fly rods named the Bank Robber--built specifically for 'pounding the bank' with streamers along major trout rivers. Kelly's Butt Monkey, Sex Dungeon, Zoo Cougar and other innovative patterns have led the recent revolution in streamer fly fishing. This new series features three 9 ft, 4-piece rods rated for 5-weight, 6-weight and 7-weight lines, and will also throw Kelly's Streamer Express floating and sinking fly lines near effortlessly. Built on high-modulus/highstrain SCV graphite blanks and reinforced with super-high-modulus SCVI graphite in lower sections for added power with reduced weight, they're two of the first St. Croix rods to feature 3M Matrix Resin. Fitted with Fuji K stripper guides and Fuji MN tops, both with Alconite rings, and hard chrome snake guides with all thread wraps protected by two coats of Flex Coat slow-cure finish. The handles feature lightweight machined-aluminum reel seats with built in hook-keepers and flora-grade cork grips. All Bank Robbers are handcrafted in Park Falls, Wisconsin, and come with a rugged rod case with handle and divided polypropylene liner.
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NEW! Kelly Galloup "HIGH Stick DRIFTER"
Item # SC106

NEW! KELLY GALLOUP "HIGH STICK DRIFTER" FLY RODS by ST. CROIX With the huge popularity and success of his BANK ROBBER fly rods, Kelly is back with a new specialty rod series designed specifically for today's advanced nymph fishing methods (Czech, Polish, French, etc). These rods have incredible balance. The unique lightweight "tip" reduces angler fatigue when the rod is held high for long periods of time, while emphasizing sensitivity for the best possible strike detection. The materials used in the construction of these rods, from the new 3M Matrix Resin and super-high modulus SCVI graphite fibers right down to the components, are identical to what went into making Kelly's BANK ROBBER Series a huge success. All of Kelly's rods are hand crafted in Park Falls, Wisconsin. Cordura case included. Lifetime Warranty.
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ST. Croix "Legend-X" Fly Rods
Item # SC107

ST. CROIX "LEGEND-X" FLY RODS - A beefy, multi-dynamic blend of four carbon materials capable of getting big flies out to the meanest predatory fish - bass, pike, musky and all saltwater species. The revolutionary new Xtreme-Skin handle provides rigidity for improved casting power, plus it's extremely durable, comfortable, easy to clean and more sensitive than cork.

- Blanks built with a multi-dynamic blend of four carbon materials provide dialed-in performance for casting big flies to the meanest predatory fish.
- Integrated Poly Curve (IPC ) tooling technology.
- Advanced Reinforcing Technology (ART ).
- Super high-modulus SC-4 graphite with FRS in lower section for maximum power and strength with reduced weight.
- High-modulus/high-strain SC-5 graphite with FRS and carbon-matte scrim for unparalleled strength, durability and sensitivity.
- Premium-quality SC-2 graphite with FRS in the tip section.
- Slim-profile ferrules.
- Xtreme-Skin handle repels water, dirt and fish-slime and cleans up easily. Manufactured by St. Croix to provide outstanding angler comfort, casting efficiency and sensitivity.
- Anodized, machined-aluminum reel seat.
- Fuji K Series Tangle-Free stripper guides with Alconite rings.
- REC Recoil snake guides.
- Two coats of Flex Coat slow-cure finish.
- Alignment dots.
- Rugged rod case with handle and divided polypropylene liner.
- 15-year transferable warranty backed by St. Croix Superstar Service.
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