Ross Evolution
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Ross Flystart Large Arbor Fly Reels
Item # RW100

ROSS WORLDWIDE "FLYSTART" LARGE ARBOR FLY REELS - The FLYSTART is a hybrid large arbor reel that is inexpensive, yet built with the same commitment to quality and performance as all Ross Reels. The self-lubricating drag system is designed to be smooth, consistent and have a wide range of adjustment. Manufactured out of 6061-T6 aircraft quality aluminum. Quick release spools with exposed rim for palming.
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Ross Momentum Lt Fly Reels
Item # RW101

NEW! ROSS "MOMENTUM LT" BIG GAME FLY REELS - New Lighter Weight Design! The MOMENTUM story begins with the braking system. ROSS co-engineered the all-new Carbon Fiber Drag System with KESTREL USA - the first name in Carbon Fiber. KESTREL has made a huge name for itself designing & building carbon fiber bicycles & components, & are considered the world authority on carbon fiber construction. They've helped ROSS create a drag mechanism that is lightweight, yet stronger than titanium, with 6.3 sq-inches of effective drag surface and 12-lbs of dead lift weight. This super-smooth, maintenance free, self-lubricating, heat-resistant carbon-fiber drag system ensures dependability under the most demanding fishing conditions. The overall reel construction features typical ROSS toughness, with an up-to-date (gorgeous) modern look. One piece frame, one piece quick-release locking spool. Machined from aircraft aluminum and deep anodized. SPECIFY: Black or Champagne-Gold.

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Ross Cimarron Cla Fly Reels
Item # RW104

Ross "CLA" Large Arbor Fly Reels Incorporates Ross' newest generation drag mechanism (like the Evolution reels). Heavy drag loads, extreme cold, extreme heat and submersion in water WILL NOT degrade the performance of this drag system. Engineered with the perfect ratio of width to arbor diameter to provide all the benefits of LARGE ARBOR technology. Quick-change counter-balanced spools. Saltwater safe. Fully machined and anodized. SPECIFY: Black, Slate Grey. Lifetime Warranty - Made In USA
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Ross Evolution Lt
Item # RW106

Ross Evolution LTThis updated version of the wildly popular original Evolution Series features new lighter weight ventilation (lightest in its class), aluminum spool cap, aluminum drag knob and aluminum escapement cover... AND A NEW LOWER PRICE. Machined from premium bar-stock aluminum, then anodized in four different colors. Expect perfectly smooth, controlled, repeatable drag settings with plenty of knob-adjustment for fine-tuning drag on light tippets and no start-up friction. The EVOLUTION LT'S machine work and design not only look great, but allow for a solid feeling, well balanced fly reel. True LARGE ARBOR provides for quick retrieve, drag consistency on long runs, & low line coil. Pleasant sounding in/out click, quick release locking spool, easy left/right hand conversion and rim-control drag. Saltwater safe. SPECIFY: Black, Grey-Mist or Green. Lifetime Warranty - Made In USA.

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Ross "Balance" Adjustable Reel Arm
Item # RW107

ROSS "BALANCE" ADJUSTABLE REEL ARM A genius mechanism that finds the perfect balance point between fly rod and reel. Fits any reel brand! Simply attach your reel to the Balance's arm, then attach the whole unit to your rod via the built-in foot. Next, slide the arm up or down the foot to find the perfect balance point and lock it in place with the tension screw. Sets up in seconds. A perfectly balanced outfit feels lighter in hand, and there's also an intangible "wow" factor. Machined from T-6061 aircraft aluminum, anodized black (saltwater safe). Lifetime Warranty. Made in USA.
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Ross Gunnison Fly Reels
Item # RW110

LIMITED EDITION: ROSS "GUNNISON" FLY REELS - IN STOCK NOW! - The ROSS Gunnison is one of the most famous fly reels ever produced and 28 years after its debut, many still see daily service in the hands of guides, lodges, and individual fly-fishers around the world. Flawless performance, fresh or saltwater. TUFF aircraft grade aluminum Bar-Stock machined Lightweight reels that will never let you down. The quick-change counter-balanced spool rides on a "sealed" STAINLESS STEEL BALL-BEARING PACK. No vibration on hot running fish. A smooth operating composite self-lubricating disc-drag system is complimented by rim-control drag on the spool. A full range of drag adjusts to save light tippets, or handle hot fish. Anodized black finish. These limited edition heritage reels feature a laser engraving of the Colorado flag and their unique serial number. LIFETIME WARRANTY. Made in USA.

Limited quantities available. When they're gone they're gone.

Gunnison 1 Individually No. 1-500
Gunnison 2 Individually No. 1-1000
Gunnison 3 Individually No. 1-500

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Ross Animas Fly Reel
Item # RW112

NEW! ROSS ANIMAS LARGE-ARBOR FLY REELS - With a custom two-tone type-2 anodized finish, fully machined aluminum alloy construction, liquid-smooth and powerful drag system with low start-up inertia, the ANIMAS offers exceptional performance and value. The drag material is Delrin 500AF with impregnated Teflon - space-age polymer that is durable, heat resistant, self-lubricating and maintenance free, guaranteed to protect the lightest tippets and stand up to blistering runs. Simple right-to-left hand conversion. The large arbor aids in retrieving all the line that just went through the tip-top. The quick-release single-piece spool is elegantly ported for both aesthetics and weight savings. The handle is fully-anodized machined aluminum with a reverse taper for increased control and excellent grip. Saltwater safe. SPECIFY: Stealth-Black/Moss or Granite/Bronze. Lifetime Warranty. Made in USA.
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