Running Line

Rio Powerflex Shooting Lines
Item # FG139

RIO POWERFLEX SHOOTING LINE - Great handling with a strong mono core that results in a thin diameter, great strength and durability and slick XS coating for increased distance. 100-ft. SIZES: 25-lb (0.024") Orange, 30-lb (0.035") Blue, 35-lb (0.040") Yellow.
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Rio Connect-Core Shooting Line
Item # FG181

RIO CONNECT-CORE SHOOTING LINE has virtually no stretch, allowing anglers to stay perfectly in touch with their fly throughout the swing and feel every slight touch. A thicker diameter handling section prolongs the life of the line and ensures an easy grip in cold conditions. Hot-Orange front section makes it very easy to see when to stop stripping and make the cast. Unique core ensures the most perfect coils of line when stripping in - resulting in far few tangles and snarls. 8" welded loop at the front for fast head changes. Super slick XS Technology coating floats high and shoots far. 100-ft. SIZES: 15-lb(.026") Lt-Grey, 20-lb(.032") Pale-Green, 20-lb(.037") Pale-Blue, 30-lb(.042") Straw.

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Airflo Miracle Braid
Item # FM005

MIRACLE BRAID This BRAIDED "FLOATING" Shooting "RUNNING-LINE" is my favorite (Bob). Made of polypropylene with a semi-stiff Central-Core (prevents tangles). Slickest and fastest shooting line ever made. Floats but easily sinks when following a sinking head. Outlasts all others-PLUS easy to install blind-eye loops. 40-yd spools. COLOR: Yellow. SIZE: 30-LB.
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Rio Floating Shooting Head
Item # FM007

RIO "FLOATING" SHOOTING-HEADS Color is Lt-Green in SIZES: 9wt, 10wt, 11wt, 12 wt.
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Rio Type 6 Shooting Head Wfs
Item # FM010

RIO TYPE-6 "SUPER-FAST SINKING" SHOOTING-HEADS (sink 6-7ips). Color is Black in SIZES: 7wt, 10-wt
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Cortland LC-13 Lead Core Line
Item # FM013

CORTLAND LC-13 Level LEAD-CORE Sinking Fly Line for making assorted length sink-tips that make 5-wt & larger floating fly lines into sink-tip lines instantly. PLUS LONG FAST-SINKING SHOOTER-HEADS. A full 30-feet is 390 grains! Nail-knot "loops" to both ends OR make braided-loops. Then loop to loop to the loop in the end of your fly line for an instant "sink-tip" fly line. About 2/3-foot for 5/6-wt lines. Up to 30-feet "heads" if you and your rod have the muscle. 30-foot spool.
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Opst Pure Skagit Lazer Line
Item # FZ100

OPST PURE SKAGIT LAZAR LINE - This all new floating mono running line shoots like nothing else. It has virtually no memory and stays limp in cold and hot conditions. It is EXTREMELY SLICK and shoots, well, like a lazar. A slight, calculated stretch is built in for slim and strong knots. Color is Hi-Vis Green. SIZES: 25lb, 30lb, 35lb, 40lb and 50lb (50m spl)

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