Orvis Ss Tippet
Item # GJ001

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Orvis Mirage Fluorocarbon Tippet
Item # GJ002

ORVIS "MIRAGE" FLUOROCARBON TIPPET MATERIAL Incredible abrasion resistance. Excellent knot strength. The refractory index allows MIRAGE Fluorocarbon to absorb light rather than reflect it. MIRAGE will sink just under the surface and disappear when dry fly fishing. SIZES: 7X(2.7-lb), 6X(3.6-lb), 5X(5-lb), 4X(7-lb), 3X(9.2-lb), 2X(12.5-lb), 1X(14.5-lb), 0X(16.5-lb). 30-m spl
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Orvis Ss Leaders
Item # GJ003

ORVIS "SUPER-STRONG" KNOTLESS TAPERED LEADERS have a heavier butt and an exclusive-taper that "makes" them turn-over beautifully. Available in (A)7-1/2 foot (not available in 7X) OR (B)9-foot lengths with TIPPET SIZES: 3X(8.5-lb), 4X(6-lb), 5X(4.75-lb), 6X(3.5-lb), 7X(2.5-lb) 2-pak
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Orvis Mirage Fluorocarbon Leaders
Item # GJ004

ORVIS "MIRAGE" FLUOROCARBON KNOTLESS TAPERED LEADERS Virtually invisible fluorocarbon leaders with proven tapers. Higher tinsel strength, more elasticity. Best for abrasion resistance, stiffness and stealth. 9-ft leaders in TIPPET SIZES: 3X(6-lb), 4X(05-lb), 5X(4-lb), 6X(3-lb), 7X(2.3-lb) 2-pak

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