Catch-A-Hatch Insect Net
Item # 464618

- This is one of Bill's favorites. Designed especially for the fly fisher. This super-compact, long-reach specimen collection net is great for matching the hatch. Totally rust-proof with quick-dry nylon net that springs open to form a 5 x 7 inch net. Telescoping handle extends up to 36-inches. Case Included.
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Buff Pro Stripping Guards
Item # 500070

NEW! BUFF 'PRO SERIES STRIPPING GUARDS' eliminate burns and cuts to keep you on the water longer. Made from durable poly LYCRA, the stripping guard slips onto your finger easily and is sewn with Kevlar seam for maximum durability. COLORS: (1)Dorado, (2)Tarpon, (3)Toothy-Skull, (4)Hooks, (5)Pixels-Dessert-Camo, (6)Exo 3-pak
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River Camo iPhone 3 Case
Item # AQ006

30% OFF! RIVER CAMO iPHONE-3 CASES: Show off your colors and protect your iPhone-3 investment with these tough polycarbonate cases. iPhones snap-in securely, creating a perimeter of protection around your phone. COLORS: (3)Largemouth-Bass, (5)River-Rock, (6)Hunter-Camo

NOTE: These cases do not fit the Iphone 4.
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River Cami iPhone Cases
Item # AQ008

RIVER CAMO IPHONE CASES - Show off your sportsman's colors and protect your iPhone with these tough polycarbonate cases. iPhones snap-in securely, creating a perimeter of protection around your phone. SPECIFY PHONE: (A)iPhone 3 or (B)iPhone 4 - SPECIFY SYTLE: (1)Brown-Trout, (2)Rainbow-Trout, (3)Tarpon, (4)Bonefish, (5)Striped-Bass, (6)Brook-Trout
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Simms Waterproof Tech Pouch
Item # AQ010

NEW! SIMMS WATERPROOF TECH POUCH - Fully waterproof welded construction with roll-top zip closure. Clear TPU touch screen compatible window on front and iPhone camera window on the back. Secure-clip to keep your tech secure. (7" x 4.5")
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Item # GT010

TIPPETAC We've all been there, you want to change patterns, so you grab your fly, clip it off and like that... your fly line and leader float downstream. The TIPPETAC solves that problem. This nifty little tool uses two super strong, rare earth neodymium magnets to make sure it stays where you want it, and a rubber piece with the wedge and slit to keep your tippet close for a quick retie. We've found that placing it on the right side of the chest area (for right handers) works best. It also works great on top of a waist pack. Experiment until you find the place that works best for you. The magnets also function to temporarily hold flies. You will find it's a great place to quickly store a fly or two as you change out your rig.

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Loop Tippet Dispenser
Item # GT011

LOOP TIPPET DISPENSER - I still have -- and use my original from the early 90's, the last time they were available here in the States. (They're made in Sweden.) Easy to load with your favorite tippet material while you have your feet up watching TV in the evening. The dispenser contains four large diameter, color-coded empty spools. Load them with 3X or smaller size tippet material. Lightweight and compact, fits into any small
vest pocket or pack. An alternative to common tippet dispensers that hang on the outside of your vest or pack (one less thing for line to snag on). These may not be for everyone, but I really do like mine! (Bob)
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Trash Fish
Item # GT044

SMITH CREEK "TRASH FISH" - Waste tippet, leader and monofilament management system allows you to easily coil and control the line waste that's created while fishing. The built-in "spent-line-wrangler" allows you to easily coil spent line and retain it to keep monofilament from escaping into the fishing environment, helping to keep our streams clean. Extremely fast and easy to use, the slim design will slide into a pocket or clip to a zinger. Lightweight, high quality anodized marine grade aluminum construction. Instructions included, or watch the video at

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Mono Master
Item # GT045

The "MONO MASTER" is an innovative device for handling and disposing of waist monofilament. Discarded mono lasts around 600 years, and when left streamside it usually ends up tangled around a bush, a heron or a trout. Shove it in your pocket and it tangles with fly boxes and tools, and is often accidentally dropped in the stream anyway. The MONO MASTER is the solution. Simply push waist mono into the slot in the side of the device (just to get it started) and spin the handle. Waist mono is "vacuumed" up instantly. MONO MASTER weighs nothing, holds up to 50 meters at a time, and is simple to empty when you get home. An easy way to prevent waist monofilament pollution.

Field & Stream Magazine proclaimed the MONO MASTER as the "Best of the Best" fishing gadget in 2009.
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Fishpond Hook Jaw River Tool
Item # HF055

NEW! FISHPOND HOOK JAW RIVER TOOL - It's a bottle opener, line cutter, and tippet gage in one convenient tool! Aerospace aluminum and titanium construction, replaceable razorblade line cutter, bottle opener and a retractor/lanyard attachment hole. Accurate tippet gage from 2X - 7X. Laser engraved. Looks great on the key chain too! COLORS: Lichen,

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Cliff's Campfire Casino
Item # HG098

CLIFF'S "CAMPFIRE CASINO" Everyone likes a little game of chance. Here's a great way to wait out a storm or wind down with your fishing pals at the end of the day. This compact casino includes 6 dice, a deck of cards, and the greatest board game ever created, Cribbage. All packaged neatly into one of Cliff's famous, indestructible fly boxes. Great gift item!
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C&F Pin-On Magnetic Fly Patch
Item # HG199

NEW! C&F PIN-ON MAGNETIC FLY PATCH - Easily pins to your vest, pack or hat. Eight strong rare-earth magnets hold flies securely for temporary storage. Great for drying "used" flies before going back into a fly box. A big time saver when fishing the evening hatch. Put a couple extra flies in this on-deck-circle and save time getting in and out of fly boxes.
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