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Smallmouth Fly Fishing
Item # 442883

BACK IN PRINT: "SMALLMOUTH FLY FISHING" The Best Techniques, Flies and Destinations by Tim Holschlag. 15-chapters of instruction. 40 Best smallmouth flies. 100 top smallmouth destinations. Cutting edge presentations. How to catch smallies in any size water. Targeting big bronzebacks. It's all here, brilliantly written in a "no nonsense" fashion with over 200 illustrations and photo's. Softbound, 326-pages.
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Bluegill Fly Fishing and Flies, Wilson
Item # KB022

BEST SELLER! "BLUEGILL FLY FISHING & FLIES" by Roxanne & Terry Wilson. Large bluegill can be as selective as any trout (we're talkin about those black 1+ pound fish!). The Wilsons share proper equipment and their best flies, including their recipes and techniques for using them. Be sure to tye and fish the "Bully-Spider". Also, methods for identifying the most productive bluegill waters, bluegill habits and behaviors, effective presentations and more. Softbound 6" x 9", 151-pages with 16-page color insert.
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Fly Fishing for Smallmouth in Rivers and Streams, Clouser
Item # KB023

"FLY-FISHING FOR SMALLMOUTH IN RIVERS AND STREAMS" by Bob Clouser. Bob shares the extensive knowledge developed over 25-years of guiding for smallmouth bass on the Susquehanna River. Lessons offered can be directly applied to smallmouth fisheries across the country. Covers the natural history of smallmouth - their range, spawning behavior, feeding habits, and seasonal movement patterns - and then introduces the specific flies and techniques that he uses. Casting & presentations with dramatic color photos show how it's done. Reveals fly recipes and fishing tips. Hardbound, 240-pgs, 8 1/2" x 11".
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Fly Fishing Techniques for Smallmouth Bass, Murray
Item # KB024

FLY FISHING TECHNIQUES FOR SMALLMOUTH BASS by Harry Murray. Drawing on a lifetime of fishing, guiding and teaching at his angling schools, Harry covers all aspects of fly fishing for smallmouth bass. Covers tackle, casting, reading water, minnow matching tactics, nymph fishing, surface fishing, floating a smallmouth river, fishing smallmouth in lakes and ponds, and much more. Softbound, 6" x 9", 120-pages.
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Warmwater Fly Fishing, Streeter
Item # KB030

NEW! "WARMWATER FLY-FISHING: FINDING AND CATCHING WARMWATER SPECIES" by Robert Streeter. Details all aspects of fly-fishing for warmwater species, starting with: "Why Warmwater?". A thoughtful, organized plan of preparation & attack for a broad range of species, including bass panfish, crappie and more. Includes fly lists & photos of each fly. Softbound, 6" x 9", 151-pgs.
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Muskie On The Fly, Tomes
Item # KB079

NEW BOOK: "MUSKIE ON THE FLY: A FASCINATING GUIDE TO HOOKING LEGENDARY FISH WITH FLY TACKLE" by Robert S. Tomes. Learn how to turn frustrating follows into explosive strikes - no easy task as the infamously aggressive fish is tough to fool with any kind of gear, especially a fly rod & feathered hook. Educational & inspiring; explores introductory & advanced techniques, typical behavior of this violent freshwater fish, seasonal strategies, specialized tackle & fly patterns, & fly fishing basics. Includes exclusive interviews with top fishing guides & info on the best locations for catching muskie on the fly. Hardcover, 240-pages, 8.5" x 11".
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Crappie Fly Fishing: A Seasonal Approach
Item # KB141

NEW! CRAPPIE FLY FISHING: A SEASONAL APPROACH by Terry & Roxanne Wilson. Crappie can be found across the U.S. In their usual concise and highly entertaining style, the Wilsons explore, year-round by season, the fish, its behaviors and habitats; the most effective equipment; when, where, how to find and catch them; best flies and fly styles, including fly-tying steps; and more. Exciting and productive crappie fishing is available year-round, so get out there and enjoy it! 6" x 9" format, softbound, 96-pages, all-color.
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Orvis Beginners Guide To Carp Flies
Item # KB151

NEW BOOK! THE ORVIS BEGINNER'S GUIDE TO CARP FLIES by Dan Frasier. Carp are found across much of North America, are fun to fish to, and for many anglers are more accessible than trout. Even the savviest angler can be tempted by carp's unique appearance, large size, and shallow-water ways, only to quickly learn the fish are far more selective than first imagined. Frasier teaches the diet basics of carp that will help you to select the correct fly per situation and have more success stalking these 'Golden Bonefish'. Enjoy 101 patterns, each thoroughly described and well-illustrated. Proper presentation, carp habits, and detailed tips to help bring success. Softbound, 6" x 9", full-color, 160 pgs.
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The Best Carp Flies: How To Tye & Fish Them
Item # KB152

NEW BOOK! THE BEST CARP FLIES: How to Tie & Fish Them by Jay Zimmerman Carp are the fly rodder's ultimate gamefish. This is the first comprehensive book on tying the best flies for carp, featuring patterns and techniques from anglers around the United States. 0ver 550 step-by-step photos with tips on techniques, tools and materials. 22 patterns by tiers ranging from Barry Reynolds to Bob Clouser to author Jay Zimmerman (includes Jay's famous 'Backstabber' fly), including fishing info, this is the definitive fly-tying resource for those who love the challenge of fooling carp on the fly. Softbound, 8 1/2" x 11", full color, 241-pgs.
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Tying The Bass Flies of Pat Ehlers
Item # KD099

NEW DVD! TYING THE BASS FLIES OF PAT EHLERS Pat Ehlers' flies are innovative, fun to tye, and just plain catch fish. Pat grew up in the Midwest, home to some of the best smallmouth and largemouth bass fishing to be found. Here Pat goes into great detail showing you step-by-step how to tye four of his favorite bass patterns; the Grim Reaper, Laser Minnow, Foam-Tail Super Worm and Articulated Diver. Pat shares lots of general tying tricks along the way, including techniques that make tying deer hair diver flies a snap to tie and trim. Plus excellent on the water and underwater footage to help fly angler's fish these flies more effectively. OUTSTANDING!
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Pat Ehlers Combo: Fly Selection + DVD!
Item # KD101

! Pat Ehlers Combo: Fly Selection + DVD! $49.95
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