Renzetti Accessories

Renzetti R-Evolution Vise & Tool Travel Case
Item # RR060

NEW! RENZETTI R-EVOLUTION VISE & TOOL TRAVEL CASE protects your valuable fly tying goods while you're on the move. This padded, virtually indestructible travel bag is made from 1680 grade ballistic nylon with Padded pockets to secure any Renzetti Vise. A cleverly designed zippered removable center divider is loaded with "sleeve" pockets to hold and organize all of your fly tying tools. Room to spare for other fly tying essentials, really nice!
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Renzetti Midge Cam Jaws
Item # RR070

NEWLY DESIGNED: RENZETTI "MIDGE CAM JAWS" for all model Renzetti Vises offer excellent hook holding power and more room to work around the jaws when tying tiny flies. These jaws will actually accommodate hook sizes #28 to #2.

(1)Traveler, Right Hand $84.95
(2)Traveler, Left Hand $84.95
(3)Presentation 2000, fits RH & LH $99.95
(4)Presentation 4000, Right Hand $104.95
(5)Presentation 4000, Left Hand $104.95
(6)Masters, fits RH & LH $159.95
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Renzetti R-EVOLUTION Hair Stackers
Item # RS513

RENZETTI R-EVOLUTION HAIR STACKERS These stackers make quick work of bundling hair for bass to huge muskie and saltwater patterns. Aluminum construction. Made in USA. TWO SIZES: LARGE 1.75" long tube, 5/8" Dia, $19.95, X-LARGE 2.25" long tube, 3/4" Dia, $23.95

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Renzetti R-EVOLUTION Hair Packers
Item # RS514

RENZETTI R-EVOLUTION HAIR PACKERS The unique concave shaped head on these new packer tools is designed to push the hair back away from the hook eye, making it easy to pack the hair tightly and then tye in the next bundle. Aluminum construction. Made in USA. SPECIFY SIZE: SMALL (for trout and panfish flies, i.e. Muddlers, Hoppers, etc), MEDIUM (for bass bugs), LARGE (for very large pike, muskie and saltwater flies).

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Renzetti R-EVOLUTION Bullet-Head Tool
Item # RS515

NEW! RENZETTI R-EVOLUTION BULLET-HEAD TOOL by Pat Ehlers is used to fold deer or elk hair back over the hook-shank when tying the Madam-X, bullet-head hoppers, etc. High quality machined tool. Makes it so easy. SIZES: Small(hook sizes 10-12), Medium(6-10), Large(4-2/0) $6.95/each OR $19.95/set

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