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Smallmouth Fly Fishing
Item # 442883

BACK IN PRINT: "SMALLMOUTH FLY FISHING" The Best Techniques, Flies and Destinations by Tim Holschlag. 15-chapters of instruction. 40 Best smallmouth flies. 100 top smallmouth destinations. Cutting edge presentations. How to catch smallies in any size water. Targeting big bronzebacks. It's all here, brilliantly written in a "no nonsense" fashion with over 200 illustrations and photo's. Softbound, 326-pages.
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Item # 464241

NEW BOOK: "SELECTIVITY" by Matt Supinski FAETURING more that 200 breathtaking photos from the top streams around the world and hundreds of innovative fly patterns and recipes and notes, this unique introduction to the world of selective feeding is perfect for all anglers seeking to master the more intricate technical aspects of fly fishing. From practical biology to the fine art of matching baits, the strategies presented here will help you fool tough fish in all types of enviorns, including tailwaters, spring creeks, and Gaspe salmon streams. Hardbound, 8 1/2" x 11", 260-pages.

"Matt Supinski is very engaging as an author because he has the ability to drive home a point through the use of stories. The "theory" of fussy trout can be quite dry, but Matt has found a way to combine the textbook information with tons of practical stream side applications and stories." --David Knapp,

"The sweet spot of Matt's book are the observations and the anecdotes that accompany the techniques." --Steve Zakur,

"You'll find a wealth of knowledge packed in these pages. All of it backed up by numerous photographs, and color fly plates. . . . Whether you're stringing up a fly rod for the first time, or patching your 19th pair of waders, this book has something to offer." --Ed Mitchell,

"Wow. What a book and what an undertaking. This should be a must-read for the most exacting fly fisherman. I would guess that it will be one of the most important reference volumes ever written. It should be read and re-read many times." -- Ed Shenk, author of Ed Shenk's Fly Rod Trouting

Strategies for fooling tough fish in all types of environs, from tailwaters to spring creeks to Gaspe salmon streams Breathtaking photos from the top streams around the world Hundreds of innovative fly patterns with recipes and notes
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All Fishermen Are Liars
Item # 470101

Autographed copies while they last...

NEW BOOK! "ALL FISHERMEN ARE LIARS" by John Gierach..."I have to go fishing; it's my job." John Gierach can say that and mean it. But fishing is only part of his job. The other part is writing about his fishing adventures. And that's the part we readers get to enjoy. In All Fishermen Are Liars, Gierach travels across North America from the Pacific Northwest to the Canadian Maritimes to seek out quintessential fishing experiences. Whether he's fishing a busy stream or a secluded lake amid snow-capped mountains, Gierach insists that fishing is always the answer-even when it's not clear what the question is. All Fishermen Are Liars covers fishing topics large and small: the art of fly-tying and the quest for the perfect steelhead fly; fishing in the Presidential Pools previously fished by the first President George Bush; and the importance of traveling with like-minded companions when caught in a soaking downpour. ("At this point someone is required to say, 'You know, there are people who wouldn't think this is fun.") Gierach may occasionally lose a fish, but he never loses his passion for fishing or his sense of humor. All Fishermen Are Liars proves yet again that life's most valuable lessons-and some of its best experiences- can be found while fly-fishing.
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Tying Glass Bead Flies
Item # KB130

BACK IN PRINT! "TYING GLASS BEAD FLIES" by Joe Warren. Everything that you need to know about incorporating glass beads into your flies. Joe shows you the best hooks and beads to use (including charts and color plates); effective tools and accessories; different uses and techniques for beads; tying instructions; hundreds of color photos; tons of tips; and hundreds of fly patterns for both fresh and saltwater. If you missed the first printing, GRAB ONE NOW. Softbound, 8 1/2" x 11", full color, 64 pgs
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101 Fish: A Fly Fishers Life List
Item # KB131

"101 FISH: A FLY FISHER'S LIFE LIST" by Lefty Kreh. From farm ponds to the Amazon, Lefty's wit & wisdom captured in 101 stories about his most memorable fly-caught fish. Includes favorite flies & natural history facts for each species: tarpon, brown trout, catfish, lemon shark, king salmon, & many more. Full of fly-fishing anecdotes as only Lefty can tell 'em. Each chapter opens with a vibrant color illustration by artist Bill Bishop. Hardbound, 6" x 9", 118 color illustrations; 208 pgs
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Feather Brain
Item # KB137

NEW BOOK! "FEATHER BRAIN" by Drew Chicone, including insights from nine top saltwater fly tiers, including Bob Clouser, Joe Mahler, Jonny King, Jon Cavel, Bob Popovics, Norm Zeigler, and Chris Helm. Wonderful step-by-step tying instructions and explanations of how the author designed 14 winning saltwater flies. Drew's shares his own creative thought process to help you design your own effective patterns, PLUS advice on tying with saltwater materials, and fixing typical problems. FEATHER BRAIN is a great roadmap for tying better looking and better performing saltwater flies. Softbound, 8 1/2" x 11", 444 color photos, 168-pages.

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Why I Fish
Item # KB138

WINNER: Best New Book, 2013 International Fly Tackle Dealer Show

"WHY I FLY FISH: PASSIONATE ANGLERS ON THE PASTIME'S APP EAL AND HOW IT'S SHAPED THEIR LIVES - Chris Santella, bestselling author of the Fifty Places series, is back in action with the inspirational gift book Why I Fly Fish. Based on 25 interviews with fly-fishing professionals and celebrity hobbyists alike, Why I Fly Fish encapsulates the life lessons fly-fishing aficionados have learned from their favorite pursuit. Featured contributors include Donald Trump Jr., Bill Ford (CEO of Ford Motor Company), Conway Bowman (host of several flyfishing TV programs), actor Henry Winkler, Lefty Kreh (the world's best-known fly-fisherman) and many more. With personal photographs by the contributors themselves, Why I Fly Fish is an inspirational and intimate reflection on the beloved sport and pastime. Hardbound, 7" x 8", 160-pages, full color
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Cathy Beck's Fly Fishing Handbook
Item # KB139

NEW BOOK! CATHY BECK'S FLY-FISHING HANDBOOK - Third edition enhanced with video. QR codes (quick response codes) are located throughout the book. Simply scan a QR code with your smartphone or tablet and you are taken straight to instructional videos. (Free QR apps are available online if you don't already have one.) This is the perfect introductory guide to fly fishing, in color, with videos on casting and knots. Covers the basics on rods, reels, lines, changing flies, hooking, landing and releasing fish, for both fresh and saltwater fishing. Softbound, 6" x 9", 165-pgs, full color.
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The Founding Flies
Item # KB140

NEW! THE FOUNDING FLIES: 43 American Masters, Their Patterns & Influences by Mike Valla. An amazing account of the major developments in the ways in which artificial flies were thought about, tied, and fished in the United States over the period from the mid-1880s to the late 1960s. 43 American fly-tying masters from Marbury to Marinaro, Gordon to Grant. Color photos and recipes for nearly 300 flies. Hardbound, 8 3/4" x 11 1/2", 311-pages.
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Crappie Fly Fishing: A Seasonal Approach
Item # KB141

NEW! CRAPPIE FLY FISHING: A SEASONAL APPROACH by Terry & Roxanne Wilson. Crappie can be found across the U.S. In their usual concise and highly entertaining style, the Wilsons explore, year-round by season, the fish, its behaviors and habitats; the most effective equipment; when, where, how to find and catch them; best flies and fly styles, including fly-tying steps; and more. Exciting and productive crappie fishing is available year-round, so get out there and enjoy it! 6" x 9" format, softbound, 96-pages, all-color.
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Fly Fisher's Guide To Mexico
Item # KB142

FLY FISHER'S GUIDE TO MEXICO" - Mexico has enough flyfishing opportunities to keep an angler busy for decades, and author Phil Shook breaks it down from Baja to the Yucatan and well beyond. Everything from tourist destinations like Cancun, Mazatlan and Acapulco, to lesser known locales such as Campeche, Ascension Bay, Tampico, Veracruz, Xcalak and much more, Shook has dedicated years of his life to researching Mexico's vast fisheries, and readers are privy to his insights in this all-inclusive book. If it's a viable sport-fishery, it's in the book.

Shook guides anglers to the best tarpon, permit, bonefish and roosterfish fishing, while giving tips to steer them clear from potential trouble. Shook also details the best lodges, guide services and guides from his experience. Also covered are dorado, sailfish, mackerel, redfish, seatrout, snook, jack crevalle, marlin, ladyfish, snapper, tuna, barracuda, baby tarpon, needlefish, skipjack and more.

Angler's need not avoid Mexico with the information contained in this guide. If you're a seasoned saltwater expert looking to expand your repertoire, you'll want this book. If you've always dreamed of getting wet in the tropics with targeting 100-pound tarpon or 8-pound bones, you'll want this book.
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Fly Fisher'S Guide To Tennessee
Item # KB143

NEW! FLY FISHER'S GUIDE TO TENESSEE - Tennessee has long hosted some of the United States' best big-brown-trout fisheries, yet somehow it has managed to stay under the radar. Until now. Longtime writer and flyfishing guide Don Kirk covers everything in his all new guide book the Flyfisher's Guide to Tennessee.

Productive tailwaters like the Clinch River, South Holston River and Watauga River are covered in full detail, as are their tributaries and reservoirs. And Kirk goes well beyond the major drainages, deep into the Cherokee National Forest uncovering some gorgeous gems that will give up trout for days.

From brook, brown and rainbow trout to bass and panfish, Kirk covers all the gamefish. Hatch charts, detailed maps, recommended flies, specialized techniques, accommodations, sporting goods and fly shops, restaurants and all other relevant information is included. Kirk gives you tips from a lifetime of flyfishing in Tennessee in this comprehensive volume.

If you're ready to give the tailwater pigs a shot, or even if you just want to pluck some brookies from an idyllic mountain brook, you'll want this book. Tennessee is the next great destination - get in while you can.
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